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  • Stuff

    nom nom nom

    just had to show you the way my sister-in-law wrapped all the homemade stollen & cookies that she gave everyone at christmas (cut-out reindeer tags!)…

  • Photography

    beachy keen

    i wandered onto the beach one evening before sunset to take these shots. the sky really was all pink & blue! maaagical.…

  • Photography


    going back to work on monday, but at least the weather will still be allowing this for the next few months…

  • Art


    jim denevan makes temporary drawings on sand earth and ice that are eventually erased by waves and weather…

  • Photography

    matteo parrini

    to kick off my summer holiday, some very summery images from matteo parrini…

  • Photography, Vintage


    these photos make me want to jump into a time machine & be right there on those beaches in the sixties without a care in the world…

  • knysna

    i want to go to there

    holy moly, it’s only 18 odd days and then my SUMMER HOLIDAY starts. today i’m reflecting on summer holidays of old, 99.9% of the time spent by the sea (where else?). our…

  • Art

    wayne pate

    if i ever have a lovely little beach house to decorate, these prints would slipstream right in there…

  • tenerife-03


    i want to go to there. these pictures makes me think: is it ever, ever going to be warm again?…

  • amalfi


    from a trip to italy, 2003. i remember it being reported as the hottest italian summer in decades - that water was heaven.…

  • italian-summer-01

    italian summer

    it’s almost that time of year. lovely set over at osvaldo zoom‘s flickr…