Thank you

it’s the blog’s 7th birthday today! i already did a post about all that jazz last week, here it is. the one reason this dear old bunch of code and jpgs is still in existence is because of my cool sponsors, without which i would not be able to keep running it. so…

Miss Moss Birthday

🎂 Seven Years 🎉

my brother and i on his birthday. more on that below… this month marks SEVEN years of this old blog being in the world! i never knew how long i would be able to keep it up, seven years is beyond expected! if this blog was a child it would already be in…

Miss Moss turns 6

On turning 6 years old

six years ago today i wrote my first post! and it was dedicated to my mom, bless. i never imagined that the blog would grow to where it is today, and that it would become such a life-changing part of my existence. i was just a 25 year old girl who wasn’t…

two years!

tomorrow will mark the blog’s two year birthday. i’m amazed by how it has grown and incredibly grateful for the wonderful readership it has picked up along the way. i never thought it would become as popular as it has – it was certainly not something i set out to…



my family has a tradition that when one of the kids has their first birthday, they get their own cake & have carte blanche with it.