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Alessandro Mitola

Alessandro Mitola is an italian photographer based in Milan. i like his portraits.

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Gift Guide: Black, White & Gold

row 1: iphone cat case / one year of white pages / cat coasters
row 2: the art of french baking / inkblot silk tee / ink blot tea towel
row 3: matte black pitcher / lolo flatware / zen corgi mug
row 4: just kids by patti smith / fabric & handle corbett backpack / shaving brush & stand
row 5: black spear necklace / black rope necklace / black dot bow tie
row 6: hand-stitched ipad case / poster / braun watch
row 7: gold feather ring /night smoke candle / gold dipped geo earrings

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Tenka Gammelgaard

spotted the studio of Danish artist Tenka Gammelgaard over at mackapär and emmas designblogg this week. the fact that she paints her paint brushes is pretty much the cherry on top for me.

images from mackapäremmas designblogg and tenka’s blog.

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Alison Scarpulla

wow, i love these works by photographer alison scarpulla. read an interview with her here & buy her prints too.

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Sunshine, I saw you through the hanging vine…

it might be time to get out my old camera out and play around with some black and white film again. quite tricky, but so worth it when you manage to get it right. here are some old and new black & white photos i’ve been enjoying.

- blanca galindo

- old chum

- mark peckmezian

- what makes the pie shops tick?

- hari roser

- frank horvat

- szamil

- atypical art

- maya fiala grau

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To be an artist

Brenda Putnam

Aline H. Rhonie

Tosca Olinsky

Doris Caesar

Nan Mason

Daisy Marguerite Hughes

Helene Sardeau

Countess Maria Zichy

Elizabeth Tashjian (aka The Nut Lady – interesting story here)

Margaret French Cresson

all images from the smithsonian institution flickr collection

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bosko’s vintage

explore this awesome collection of vintage photographs courtesy of john bosko

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this wedding

i wish more wedding photography was like this. simple, no props, no stunts, no bells and whistles – just capturing a real moment. photograph by courtney brooke.

i don’t think that dude in the background is a prop by the way.

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