black and white

pierre wayser

a collection of photographs from the mid seventies by pierre wayser

all photographs by pierre wayser

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maren celest

kensey crane

pommes en vrac

hilda randluv

moshi moshi jonas

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sad ladies

why do these beautiful vintage ladies look so sad? probably because they had to sit so still to have their photos taken.

click on the images for their sources.

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swart en wit

bit of an obsession right now.


lёsha onatsko

annosh urbanke



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exquisite black and white portraits shot by the69th

all photos by the69th

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oh, i love it so.

cuddles too.

all images from life mag

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these are black and white photos

i wanted to take that statue home with me. more paris here. more black and white here.

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the story of june davis

read the story at karin mathilda‘s blog.

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