Lauren Winter

Lauren Winter is the talented lady behind formerly-known-as Etsy shop Blooming Leopold, which i have featured a couple of times on the blog. her label is now known simply as Lauren Winter – check out her wonderful new collection. but today i’d like to focus on the stylishness of Lauren herself,…

These Things No. 26

these things issue no. 26 this girl (she’s everywhere!) snapped by the locals wood wood via honey kennedy this swimsuit island menu is a fantastic food & photo blog out of tasmania, via wolf eyebrows rad bench, awesome wall marina muñoz snapped by mr. newton if you’re getting married in the US in June…

These Things No.25

these things issue no.25 been doing a load of guest posts over at honestly wtf: eva in a horse print dress captured by street peeper: the interior of this cupcake shop (note the baking cup lights): olympia le tan milk bags: kicha’s collection of vintage photos via michelle: the light in this photo…

These Things No.14

these things issue no.14 – perhaps if i add an “issue” it will sound more fancy. i might have reached the height of internet loserdom when i created yet another tumblr. this time it’s in order to bookmark interior inspiration. i’ve realised that tumblr is basically my version of pinterest…

These Things No.13

you may have noticed that it’s the beginning of the month and there is still no new music mix. i’ve decided to put them on the back burner for a little while. mostly because i’ve had no real inspiration for a new one lately and don’t want to just pull…


i save a lot of things to my tumblr. a lot. it’s a means for me to bookmark things i love on my daily internet travels so i can remember to revisit them later, and also another great way to share cool finds with people. it mostly has a pretty…

Jess: Things I Like Right Now

i’ve been a reader of jessica’s blog the shiny squirrel for ages now. i tried to think back to how i discovered her… but my memory fails me, as per usual. in fact – jessica’s succint style of posting was the inspiration behind my these things posts. i’m constantly reblogging &…

Blog Loving

here are a few blogs i’ve been loving lately (besides my daily reads over yonder in the sidebar) la mignonette grassdoe honey kennedy scout & pine

These long, long weekend things.

it’s easter weekend, which means that south africa kind of shuts down for a while. we have a long-long weekend ahead of us – i’ll be on holiday from tomorrow for 6 days. so, this is adiós till next week thursday! a these things post is in order for the…

Things for a friday

i saw this on tara-lynn’s tumblr, and it has almost 50,000 reblogs so you may or may not have seen it already – but i really love it. you see these kind of things all the time, but i enjoyed the straight to the point + non-fussiness of this one.…

these friday things

been wanting to watch seinfeld lately. everything about this picture = the nineties to me. especially elaine’s backpack and the way her jersey is tied around her waist. my favourite street style shot of the entire week at from me to you disassembly project by todd mclellan moulin rouge in…

wood & faulk

dear twitter, thanks for introducing me to matt who describes himself as a ‘builder, designer and tinkerer’ (i like that.) his blog wood & faulk is where he records his projects involving building, designing and tinkering. he also has a shop that’s stocked with all sorts of nice stuff. check…

tomboy style

trawling through the archives of tomboy style by lizzie garrett is a favourite thing to do. To define a tomboy requires searching far beyond the simple notion of wearing boy’s clothing. Tomboys have influenced the expanses of popular culture including fashion, film, music, and literature. Although the tomboy is often identified by…

These Things No. 05

time for another one of these (things) exquisite design work done for the nolitan hotel by marque creative – as seen via september industry her sunglasses the work of isabelle arsenault as seen via where the lovely things are loving every single movie moment over at if we don’t, remember me summer…

These Things No. 04

let’s just call these things what it is – the kind of post where time is squeezed but i can’t bear not to share.

this amazing ad

bad girls throughout history by ann shenn

this picture from hannah and landon

her hair

this painting

audrey hepburn as a cowgirl

this photo by viviane sassen as seen via it’s nice that

vilshenko s/s 2011 as seen via les yeux sans visage

this cool dude and his dog

verabel lockets as seen via shiny squirrel

sophia loren’s magnificent bosom

this house (!!!)

and its opposite – this house

bowie’s blazer & mick’s tie