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  • Elizabeth Peyton

    Oliver Munday

    i found book cover design to be one of the most challenging tasks when i was studying. we’d see all these brilliant, often very simple, cover designs and think – of course! but getting…

  • tenenbaums
    Design, Film

    The Tenenbaums & Co.

    here’s a treat for all The Royal Tenenbaums fans out there – Criterion has shared the book and magazine covers that appeared in the film, including my favourites Dudley’s World and Henry…

  • Design

    more books by their covers

    i sometimes have the urge to buy books just to frame them and put them on my walls forever. who has time for reading, anyway! kidding, i am an avid reader. when…

  • Stuff


    current wants indelicately smashed into one post

    i want to go to there...

    ... and to there

  • Vintage


    a collection of book jackets from the 1920's

    part of the…

  • Design

    judging by their covers

    recent gems from the book cover archive (yes i am that person that picks books because they look cool)…

  • Vintage


    these belong to william creswell…

  • Art

    jim tierney

    jim tierney designed an absolutely incredible series of book covers for four jules verne novels as part of his senior thesis (he is currently an illustration student at the university of arts…

  • Vintage

    persephone classics

    persephone books reprints neglected classics 20th century women writers. the titles are chosen to appeal to busy women who rarely have time to spend in ever-larger bookshops and who would like to…

  • Art, Design

    scribble scrabble

    just some dandy illustration & design work i’ve found of late the casual optimist sollinero at etsy miller goodman (we used to have something similar as kids, do you remember?) transformer studio…

  • Art

    tatsuro kiuchi

    just beautiful illustrative work from tatsuro kiuchi…

  • bardot

    retro oh oh

    i have to apologise for my lack of postage, i have been without internet for a few days (what a feeling). i have collected tons of pretty awesome vintage pics lately though.…

  • russian-tats

    russian criminal tattoos

    Russian criminal tattoos have a complex system of symbols which can give quite detailed information about the wearer. Not only do the symbols carry meaning but the area of the body on…

  • roald-dahl

    roald dahl, hallowed be thy name

    my childhood was basically made up of enid blyton and roald dahl. the BFG, matilda, twits, witches… then i found two collections of his adult short stories (switch bitch and kiss kiss…