Cake! Cake! Glorious Cake!

oh no, don’t tell me it’s another wedding related post.

to be fair, cakes are delicious and amazing – SO – i hope you don’t mind that this post kind of has to do with the wedding. because the thought of the cakes makes me very excited. if everything goes according to plan there will be more than one cake. but not fancy tiered wedding cakes, just a few normal sized yet wonderfully tasty cakes to suit everyone’s taste. and by everyone i mean the two of us because we simply can’t choose.

salted caramel… vanilla buttercream… tres leches… maybe something with strawberries in it… or perhaps a pavlova cake?! the options are endless! but here are some i like the look and sound of.

the cutest ever carrot cake by Cereal Magazine:

chocolate cake with mascarpone frosting + pink lime cake with cream & coconut cheese frosting by Call Me Cupcake:

burnt almond torte by Photissière:

chocolate brownie mousse cake by Chasing Delicious:

coconut cream cake by Always With Butter:

lemon & poppyseed cake by anna-mavritta:

chocolate banana cake with maple glazed walnuts by My New Roots:

strawberry & chocolate cake by Matchbox Kitchen:

blood orange and rosemary cake by What Katie Ate:

petal layer cakeruffle layer cake & banana layer cake with salted caramel buttercream by Made from Scratch:

salted caramel chocolate fudge cake by Sweetapolita:


second hand songs

i was compiling my favourite cover songs and thought it would be a pretty great playlist to share. the list was so long that i had to cut it down, and as expected it boiled down to mostly indie / alternative artists. that’s not to say that more well known cover songs aren’t amazing – sinead o’connor’s version of nothing compares to you is arguably more well known than prince’s, but i wanted to share renditions that hopefully you haven’t heard before… enjoy :)

the song list :

1. cake – i will survive (gloria gaynor)

probably the most well known cover on here, this version is so dry & deadpan – as only cake could do it.

2. nouvelle vague – heart of glass (blondie)
nouvelle vague basically only does covers with their signature bossa nova spin

3. rogue wave – everyday (buddly holly)
rogue wave’s version is almost unrecognisable from the original sweet fifties ditty

4. metric – don’t think twice, it’s alright (bob dylan)
it’s nice to hear a girl singing this song, and emily haines’ voice is soothing compared to dylan’s

5. amy millan – i will follow you into the dark (death cab for cutie)
you might know amy millan better as the lead singer of stars. she’s also a guitarist, which you can clearly hear on this almost country version of i will follow you into the dark

6. the morning benders – nothin’ in the world can stop me worryin’ ‘bout that girl (the kinks)
the morning benders do a lot of covers, my favourite of which i already included on a previous mix. this is a close second though.

7. band of horses – the end’s not near (the new year)
i actually don’t know the original version at all, but because i love band of horses this is an obvious in.

8. the tallest man on earth – graceland (paul simon)
i love this version of graceland because it really suits the imagery i’ve always had of the song in my mind, an american south backwoods banjo twang of sorts (even though lead singer kristian matsson is actually swedish). paul simon’s original still gives me goosebumps & always makes me think of south africa, especially because we listened to the album on road trips throughout the country as a kid.

9. daniel rossen (grizzly bear) – too little too late (jojo)
this song is great if only because he’s covering jojo, possibly the most annoying teen singer on the planet (except for bieber?) it has a really ominous undertone too which is kind of hilarious considering the lyrics.

10. passion pit – tonight, tonight (smashing pumpkins)
aah, one of the best smashing pumpkins songs. passion pit recorded this as part of the levis pioneer sessions, which is pumping out some pretty great covers.

11. foo fighters – keep the car running (arcade fire)
i wish this was a better quality recording because it’s a great cover of a superb song

12. amy winehouse – valerie (the zutons)
i prefer this version to the original… i really really really hope amy winehouse makes a comeback.

13. goldspot – float on (modest mouse)
i can’t say i’m familiar with goldspot, but they’ve managed to turn an already upbeat song (by modest mouse’s standards) into something almost over the top happy. you’ll either love it or hate it.

14. florence and the machine – postcards from italy (beirut)
you’d think that anything florence welch sings has to sound good… and you’d be right. i adore the original and i’m very pleased with this cover too.

all music is for sampling purposes only – please go out and buy the artists’ records & support them at their shows!



i went to dornier. have you been? you should go.

and on sunday it was my niece’s baptism (hence all the prettiness)




i was born 26 years ago today (eep). my family has a tradition that when one of the kids has their first birthday, they get their own cake & have carte blanche with it. mine was vanilla with pink icing, a sign of things to come –  vanilla is still my favourite.

i still eat cake like that, too.