Heaven Hill

Heaven Hill, as it is known to the few who have been lucky enough to experience it, is a Big Sur south coast mountain compound located on Alms Ridge and surrounded by vast expanses of protected National Forest in all directions. On the property’s thirty six acres of jaw-dropping wilderness, three creeks from the untouched Wild Cattle Creek watershed combine to form a year round stream that flows through the property’s massive cathedral of ancient redwoods.

- found via frankie (aka former the snail and the cyclops, now lawrence

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round round get around i get around

californian boardwalk in 1971 photographed by bill eppridge for life magazine

if you like this you will love the work of leroy grannis

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I LOVE THESE PHOTOS. yes, caps lock. they make me want to jump into a time machine and be right there on those beaches in the sixties without a care in the world. they were taken by leroy grannis

courtesy of actionlog (check his flickr gallery out for more)

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