Marsi van de Heuvel: Ceremony

you’ll undoubtedly remember south african artist Marsi van de Heuvel from her outer space themed exhibition Dark Matter from a couple of years back (if not, be sure to check that post out). Marsi has moved on to something far more earthly, botanical even, with her new exhibition Ceremony. now before…



I have been eagerly watching Gisele Human’s WAIF unfurl from a small passion project to a now fully fledged jewellery line, and am so happy to exclusively debut this wonderful new shoot and her online shop!

Bunny Vanitas

Alice Toich: The Icing Pink Ether

i’ve been following local artist Alice Toich for a long time, in fact i think i may have discovered her on Instagram – where i noticed she has a serious love for baking. i wanted to feature her work on the blog but our wires kept getting crossed, then she appeared up in…

View from my Studio, Cape Town, 2016

Mia Chaplin

i was so sure that i had already posted about Mia Chaplin, because she is one of my favourite local artists – but somehow i have not. which means today is your lucky day. Mia lives in Cape Town and works in oil. thick, thick oil. she’s represented by WHATIFTHEWORLD where…

Katrin Coetzer: Under the Same Sun

my faaaaaaaaaavourite local artist slash illustrator Katrin Coetzer has a beautiful new exhibition currently showing in Madrid at a concept store called Do Design. are you in Madrid? you should go see it! you should buy a painting! it’s showing till 6 August 🌞

You are Here

Kirsten Sims: You Are Here

right now i’m just over 36 weeks pregnant and consequently not getting out of the house much. but i do browse Instagram – a lot. when i’m wide awake at 2am, when i’m lying on the couch with my swollen feet propped up on a pillow, when i’m in the…

Miss Moss: Our Holiday Season

Our Holiday Season

at this time of year i am met with imagery of “The Holidays” everywhere online – snowy winter scapes, white dusted christmas trees, mulled wine, fireplaces and simply every possible variation of a typical holiday season. you see it in articles in your Facebook timeline and in the holiday gift guides that pop up on…



so, this week did not go as planned. went to the office on Monday, worked, came home… and then, started feeling a bit weird. four days later and i could finally get out of bed this morning, after enduring the stomach flu of death. i feel like maybe everything is heightened when you’re pregnant?…

Matty Roodt: Loop

Matty Roodt: Loop

Matty Roodt is an artist from Cape Town whose first solo exhibition Loop is currently showing at SMITH. i paid it a visit yesterday, and walked away wanting to buy sculpture for the first time in my life. the pieces are feminine and organic, but the story behind them is…

20 Great places to stay in Cape Town on Airbnb

20 Great places to stay in Cape Town on Airbnb

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A BOOKING WEBSITE! I do not have any affiliation with any of these apartments, you need to click through to each one and contact the owners through Airbnb to book accommodation.  we have been toying with the idea of possibly renting our place on Airbnb over the summer…

South African artist Jeanne Gaigher

Jeanne Gaigher

Jeanne Gaigher is an exciting young artist from Cape Town whose debut solo show Club is opening at SMITH gallery this week. i first saw her work at a group exhibition earlier this year, and Anton and i immediately bought a piece: this painting that you can see in our study – our…

Miss Moss | Visits: Coppelia

Visits: Coppelia

this is the fourth instalment of VISITS, a series in collaboration with Monya Eastman. there’s a Mungo and Jemima store just around the corner from my office in Cape Town’s city centre, and so i usually find myself popping in there in-between errands and lunch runs. the last few times i…

Miss Moss | VISITS: Peter Eastman

Visits: Peter Eastman

this is the third instalment of VISITS, a series in collaboration with Monya Eastman. walking into Peter Eastman’s studio on the east side of the city made me realise how many little gems must be hidden all over Cape Town. Peter is actually Monya’s brother-in-law, which made this VISIT a relaxed affair. he showed…



i love discovering or meeting people who try their hands at many creative pursuits. such is the case with Cape Town creative Amor Coetzee, who creates simple line drawings and clay pieces inspired by “her mood and favourite places along the ocean and in between the mountains.” Each Dayfeels illustration is created using aphorisms,…

Visits: Hoi P'loy | Miss Moss

Visits: Hoi P’loy

this is the second instalment of VISITS, a new series in collaboration with Monya Eastman. before visiting the Hoi P’loy studio i had no real idea what goes on behind the scenes of this inspiring company. i had, of course, seen their beautiful Vintage Edison lightbulbs all over Cape Town, and they hang…