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    Stuff Lately

    i had a few posts prepped for yesterday & today but unfortunately my computer c-c-c-rrraaasssshhhheeed and i spent the entire day trying to fix it yesterday. sigh. i managed to get it…

  • essie
    Art, Design

    Essie Letterpress Limited Ed.

    when i was at Kamers vol Geskenke last weekend the best tent had all my favourite cape town creatives & shops in it – Skermunkil, Artymiss, Good Clothing, Mr & Mrs etc.…

  • Flower Safari

    Flower Safari

    Flower Safari is a group spring show that i watched grow as a seedling, as it were, from the mind of my friends Amy & Mariah. held at the new Side Street Studios in…

  • Cape Town City Guide!

    Cape Town City Guide!

    boy does this post need an exclamation mark! i’ve been promising the Cape Town City Guide for ages now – to people on twitter, via email, on facebook… you guys have been…

  • Fashion


    Katherine-Mary Pichulik is a multi-talented local lass from Cape Town – she trained as a pastry chef, dabbled in the art world, worked on organic farms from Barcelona to Granada… then she…

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    Stuff Lately

    you can follow me on instagram with the username miss_moss or just check out my instagram page left: did you know pineapples grow like this? well, i didn’t. seen in the greenhouse…

  • Food


    i get a surprising number of emails from people around the world telling me they’re about to travel to cape town / south africa and do i have any tips, or “please…

  • Living

    House Wellington 7B & 7C

    another thing i have been doing a lot of in anticipation of moving soon, apart from browsing etsy, is actually looking for a new place to stay.* which is a frustrating process,…

  • Vintage

    Bygone Cape Town

    i have long been an avid follower of Etienne du Plessis‘ flickr stream, where he shares many vintage photographs including old shots of Cape Town. please click on the images to be…

  • Vintage

    Ginger Odes

    i’ve been trying to get my inbox organised (which, as everyone besides the obsessively organised know, is a task). there are many emails in my ‘starred’ folder from myself to myself reminding…

  • Fashion, Photography

    Fancy Pants

    kate and alix-rose are two talented cape town locals who i’ve come to know via twitter (the internet never ceases to bring me joy it seems). kate is a copywriter with a…

  • Fashion


    YAY! an online shopping option for south africans that is actually RAD. i'm talking about spence guys. they had the launch at field office last night. spence

  • Living


    thaya keeps reminding me of the amazing stuff at vamp. flip. luckily i don’t live in cape town, only because if i did i’d probably be swinging past their shop all the time and…