achnacarry castle is in scotland (in case you couldn’t guess by the name) – these photographs are by michael prince and were taken with a hasselblad 503cx. i know three things from these photos: 1. michael prince is talented 2. they instantly made me think of my grandmother and 3. i really want a hasselblad.

all photographs by michael prince


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creamy highlights

daily paintings inspired by an image from the sartorialist

clockwise from left: the sartorialist ; frederic leighton – gulnihal (1886) ; warren williams – conway castle

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i like the cold

once upon a time (that’s how this feels) we took a train trip from prague to f├╝ssen then hopped on a bus to hohenschwangau and made our way up the hill to the neuschwanstein castle. fun!

few more photos here

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