Seeing Eye Cat

something fun for your Friday! oh how i wish i could find the original article for this series of photos, but all i know is they’re tagged “Seeing Eye Cat” and they were taken in 1947 by Loran Smith for LIFE magazine. now clearly, this cat is the world’s WORST seeing eye…

Kate Funk

happy new year!! we are still away on holiday, but i am easing myself back into work in between reading and napping and eating too many of these guys. this time of year is always kind of bittersweet to me, i don’t want holidays to end but i am also excited…

Chih Chen

chih chen has a ginger cat that makes me swoon. he looks like he would be an ideal cuddle partner. i’m only assuming he is indeed a male because ginger cats are usually male, right? (3:1 male to female ratio i believe – cat fact.) be sure to check out…


hope you had a nice weekend. this photo really cheered me up, even though it’s monday. image source

i want potato

not only is their house pretty awesome, but nic + susien are the designers for lover (wonderful australian label) and they have a beautiful british shorthair called POTATO! ♥ look at his faaaaaaace ♥ via the selby