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  • Endre Penovác

    Endre Penovác

    a few years ago my dad started painting. as an urban designer he’s always had a pencil in his hand, but he never had the time to flex his creative muscles outside…



    i should start this post by saying that artistic depictions of cats go back as far as the Egyptians who- bla bla bla, but the point is cats are cool so of course why wouldn’t…

  • Photography

    Cats in Bars

    an ongoing series by photographer Martijn Savenije – will be keeping an eye on this. all photographs by Martijn Savenije…

  • Vintage


    this article about cats made my day. from life magazine, 1946. some of my favourite bits: perhaps half of all the cats, have semipermanent homes in barns, stables, factories, office buildings, restaurants,…

  • Photography

    Chih Chen

    chih chen has a ginger cat that makes me swoon. he looks like he would be an ideal cuddle partner. i’m only assuming he is indeed a male because ginger cats are…

  • Photography

    Coffee & cats

    keep having this crazy thought that i should be cutting down on my coffee consumption. bah! life’s too short not to be caffeinated. then i discovered seth restaino’s photographs, which illustrate that…

  • Stuff

    cat fashion show

    i laughed and laughed and laughed. and then i laughed some more. how intensely upset do these cats look? photos thanks to katie sokolar aka color me katie (who absolutely made my day)…

  • Photography

    pet sounds

    i am such an incredible sap for pictures of people’s pets. {click images for sources}…

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    catorialist = a cat version of the sartorialist - say no more. the titles of the photos really made me lol though. "on the street.... that coat!"

  • Uncategorized

    happy friday

    just a few things to start your weekend off on the good foot flickr credits: Elly Jelly / gatitodelsol / Ben Pearce / featherbed / janwillemsen and the best for last: alan!!!…

  • Photography, Vintage

    flick flack

    just some pics i’ve found + fav’d over at flickr recently ben pearce shtroxy suzalayne nich hance terr-bo artinconnu laser bread mademoiselle molly fryxell luxiferre superbomba stomach aches serena photography…

  • king-richard-the-lion-heart-was-very-happy-to-finally-get-a-pair-of-spectacles

    matte stephens

    brainiac the art of matte stephens at etsy…