i should start this post by saying that artistic depictions of cats go back as far as the Egyptians who- bla bla bla, but the point is cats are cool so of course why wouldn’t they appear in art since forever? what i realised after looking around for rad art that featured felines is that there are a lot of nudes + cats. this Picasso being perhaps the most explicit. is it because people tend to strut around their house naked, while their cats look on? i know i always did when my cat was still alive. and then you’d stop and look at the cat, who was looking at you, and you’d think… is it judging me or does it just not care? (a bit of both)

also check out Cats: Some people like them, and some do not.

Andy Warhol, Brown Sam with Orange Eyes, 1954

Andy Warhol, Brown Sam with Orange Eyes, 1954

Bill Vuksanovich, Moonie. (Pencil on Paper)

Bill Vuksanovich, Moonie, 1992. (pencil on paper)

Riña de Gatos, Cats on a Roof

Francisco de Goya, Cats on a Roof, 1786-1787

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Artistin Marcella, 1910

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Artistin Marcella, 1910

Alice Neel, Victoria and the Cat, 1981

Alice Neel, Victoria and the Cat, 1981

Przemek Matecki, Untitled

Przemek Matecki, Untitled, 2013

Jenny Morgan, Venus in Furs

Jenny Morgan, Venus in Furs, 2014

Taisei Yoshimura, Moment of Silence (Coloured Pencil)

Taisei Yoshimura, Moment of Silence, 2012 (coloured pencil)

Yana Movchan, Unexpected Guests

Yana Movchan, Unexpected Guests

Holly Coulis, Snowball

Holly Coulis, Snowball, 2007

Stephen Machey, An Unspeakable Fortune

Stephen Machey, An Unspeakable Fortune, 2013

Yago Partal, Cat

Yago Partal, Cat, 2013

Zinaida Serebriakova, Portrait of Natasha Lancere with a cat, 1924

Zinaida Serebriakova, Portrait of Natasha Lancere with a cat, 1924

Allison Schulnik, Cat Head, 2011

Allison Schulnik, Cat Head, 2011

Gideon Rubin, Black Cat, 2012

Gideon Rubin, Black Cat, 2012



this article about cats made my day. from life magazine, 1946. some of my favourite bits:

perhaps half of all the cats, have semipermanent homes in barns, stables, factories, office buildings, restaurants, stores, prisons, churches and ships. the submerged remainder, the unorganized and unorganizable proletariat of the cat world, roam the back alleys, woods and deserts and do the best they can.

cats had an especially good press during the war, in which many of them took a helpful part … a few gifted cats wore uniforms and sold war bonds or bought bonds from their own bank accounts.

some cats, to paraphrase thoreau, lead lives of quiet desparation, but many others have a thoroughly good time and take a lively part in human affairs.

… favorable publicity like this is important to cats, which prefer to live on good terms with human beings whenever possible.

… “only relatively well-to-do cats have these”


Chih Chen

chih chen has a ginger cat that makes me swoon. he looks like he would be an ideal cuddle partner. i’m only assuming he is indeed a male because ginger cats are usually male, right? (3:1 male to female ratio i believe – cat fact.) be sure to check out the rest of her mesmerising film photography at her flickr… i got lost in there for quite a while.

edit: his name is rufus :)

all photographs by chih chen


Coffee & cats

keep having this crazy thought that i should be cutting down on my coffee consumption. bah! life’s too short not to be caffeinated. then i discovered seth restaino’s photographs, which illustrate that theory beautifully (plus cats)

i’m also quite intrigued by that chemex coffee maker (“designed by a german born chemist and based on laboratory glass vessels”) – even though i already abuse a variety of methods to make my own … espresso machine, stove top moka, french press … anybody have a chemex? any good?

all photographs by seth restaino


cat fashion show

i laughed and laughed and laughed. and then i laughed some more. how intensely upset do these cats look? photos thanks to katie sokolar aka color me katie (who absolutely made my day)