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the smell of ad-venture

i caught an old jonathon ross interview of ewan mcgregor this weekend (swoon), but was astounded to see that he had attached his name to a manly man fragrance – and actually went as far as making this ridiculously cheesy advert for it:

now, i love ewan mcgregor and i love bikers & people who go on adventures AND i love men who smell nice and wear leather jackets, but…. come on! super cheese. though i must admit i watched the ad a couple of times (i’m only a woman)


he does look pretty cool though, eh? yes the scarf is a bit gay… plus, what kind of biker wears cologne?

anyway, invariably i found this, which made me feel better:

the scent of adventure in the air…. haha.

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giant creepy eyes

anne-francis marlon-brando vivien-leigh sean-connery

photoshop is fun!

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penelope + javier

too cool.

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