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  • french-cuisse-preview

    French Cuisse

    have i ever told you how addicted we are to MasterChef? only the Australian one, mind you. we found the American one way too competitive! and the South African one is just…

  • 004

    1-2 Simple Cooking

    when we were in NYC we found it pretty easy to eat out all the time because there was so much variety, and you could eat quite cheaply on the go if…

  • Food

    5 ingredients, 10 minutes

    i've already admitted to being a lazy cook. i resort to avocado or eggs on toast way more than i should (that goes for breakfast, lunch, dinner... snacks) and sometimes…

  • crostata


    plum & pine nut tart – i have an insatiable appetite for tarts and all things baked these days…