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  • Outlander


    i was faced with a conundrum when Outlander, the famous series of books Diana Gabaldon began writing 20 years ago, was turned into a TV show – because i hadn’t read them and i…

  • Film

    Period and Costume Dramas Tour

    man oh man, when Hila sent me this guest post i actually squealed like a little girl. one of my favourite things about her blog is when she talks about films, and quite a…

  • Fashion, Film

    period dramas vs street style: part two

    here is the second part of my period drama / street style colour comparison series over at le projet d’amour. man, i really enjoyed doing these! i just finished watching the new upstairs…

  • Fashion, Film

    period dramas vs street style

    hila of le projet d’amour asked me to put together a period drama / street style colour comparison series. my favourite thing! part one of a two part series is here.  …

  • Film, Living

    a very big house in the country

    whenever my friend and i watch a period drama the same discussion will always ensue. she'll lament that we were born in the wrong era…

  • lark-rise

    lark rise to candleford

    do you like costume dramas? yes. do you like BBC productions? yes. do you like character driven stories set in the English countryside pre-20th century? yes. then you must get this series!…