DEAN WEST, Train, 2012

Imaginary Curator: The American West

i thought i’d try out a new series on the blog called Imaginary Curator. i look at a lot of art online as i’m always on the look out for something interesting to share with you, and often i see themes jumping out at me. basically, if i were to walk into a gallery or museum right now, what would i want to see? my first “show” (haha) is all kinds of art related to The American West, and i am blaming this totally on my recent watching of Lonesome Dove…

Lonesome Dove

Lonesome Dove

last week Anton and i got sucked in, deep, to the classic 1989 western mini-series Lonesome Dove. it got to the point where i was texting him during the day saying “don’t watch LD without me!” even though my husband is partial to the occasional cowboy film, we were both oblivious to its existence. which…


vintage cowgirls

it’s kind of a running joke amongst my friends that i dislike dress up parties. don’t know why, maybe because people can’t seem to throw parties without some kind of theme attached, no matter how lame (wear a funny hat!) or maybe it’s because we don’t celebrate halloween in south…


i looooooooove cowboys! another new years resolution is to marry a cowboy. with a beard.