snow – 1904 – cuno amiet so perfect i could burst looking at it. image from freeparking

rudolf schlichter

portrait of karola neher – 1929 – rudolf schlichter found via art inconnu – an absolute treasure trove of forgotten & under-appreciated artists.

henri-edmond cross

when you think pointillism your first thought would be seurat – but i’m also infinitely attracted to the works of henri-edmond cross, mostly for his bold palette & dreamy scenes. the pink cloud – 1896


margeurite kelsey – 1928 – meredith frampton sources: painting + photo


at work (1910?) – nikolay bogdanov-belsky birch trees are my favourite. {click image for source}


esbjorn doing his homework (1912) – carl larsson that feeling – when it’s so nice outside but you have work to do. man.

the ice maiden

the ice maiden (1915) – edmund dulac 1915 you say! this looks like something a modern day illustrator would create and sell prints of on etsy. except 1000 x better (edmund would have been a hit on etsy)

the woods

woman walking in an exotic forest (1905) – henri rousseau (i think this is how alice must have felt)