daily painting

little brother

little brother (1921)norah neilson gray

i’m expanding on my daily painting posts a bit. making it more interesting for me, for you.

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central park

Neither the cold of winter nor the gloom of the Great Depression kept the children of New York City from enjoying Central Park, the city’s greatest green space. Artist Carl Nelson had almost as much fun as the children, drawing by the hour despite the chill of February 1934. When his hands got cold, Nelson recalled, he “would go to the monkey house in the Central Park Zoo to warm up.”

central park (1934) - carl gustaf nelson

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blue violinist

Marie-Anne Weber au Violon Alto (1903)Théo van Rysselberghe

i usually have a pretty tough time deciding what the daily painting is going to be (so many!) but this blue – i love this blue.

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an interior

an interior (1926) stanislav zhukovsky

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the wife


portrait of the wife of the artist with a hat (1909)august macke

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autumn (also known as profile of lydia) (1880)mary cassatt

i’m really feeling autumn & winter today. can you tell? the colours are amazing too, obvs.

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Portrait of Lillah McCarthy (1920) - Ambrose McEvoy

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august’s humid decline


August’s Humid Decline (2009) - Caroline Wright

something a bit different today (the colours!)

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