Kate Miss

i thought i’d give you a little update on what the multitalented designer and thing-maker Kate Miss has been up to! a new jewellery collection and a bunch of prints, that’s what. and even though she doesn’t blog like she used to, her music mixes are still stellar.

Define Magazine giveaway

Define Magazine (and a Giveaway!)

Introducing new quarterly magazine Define – each issue focuses on a single word that is defined by a unique group of artists through various mediums. their first issue was about Fear and their second issue, launched just this week, is about Shape. today we’re giving away two sets of both issues! click through to enter….

I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.

The 1975

The 1975 are a band from the UK whose latest album I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It was released last week. you may recognise their album covers, which feature the band’s name in a gorgeous neon sign (that is actually how i first…

Penguin Design

Penguin by Design

i just got sucked deep into the Penguin by Design tumblr (which is run by Penguin). there are some fascinating interviews with artists who have created their book covers – mostly done by hand. which, in a digital age, is so great to see! i love the Bill Bryson covers by illustrator Neil Gower (i actually…

Frames by Fundamental Berlin

Super Cool Frames

are these the coolest frames i have ever seen? yes, yes that is highly possible. designed by Fundamental Berlin these one of a kind frames come in brass or steel and “give small pictures more greatness”. this super creative company also design a bunch of other lovely things like furniture, lighting and…

Best 2016 Calendars


oh man, it’s that time of year again! lunar calendars are really big like year. like, huge. as big as a super moon perhaps. what i would really like is a calendar based on the Japanese seasons, after reading this article that a friend sent to me. Japan has 72 microseasons,…

Mi Goals

Mi Goals

so there’s a lot happening in our lives right now that involves a ton of paperwork (i hope i can reveal all soon if everything goes to plan). i’m finding myself, for the first time in a long time, having to make notes and lists and tick things off. and strangely… i just…

Mirror by Bower


when we travelled to NYC back in 2013, on our honeymoon, we went to a furniture fair somewhere in Brooklyn (i forget the name now) and that is where i first saw the work of Bower. i remember loving their work so much that i took their business card, so it’s…


Cacti Coasters

i never appreciated coasters until i became an adult. as a kid they were as ubiquitous in my parent’s house as ashtrays (even though neither of my parents smoker – why is that?) but i never bothered to use them because i was just a terrible child – as all terrible…

Krogh Studio: News

Krogh Studio: News

oooh boy, do i love me a good lookbook you guys. it’s one thing bringing out a new collection, but showcasing your goods in an interesting way is always a challenge. and i feel like Kristina Krogh hit the nail on the head here with her latest print collection News. it was…

Venamour - Botanical Collection


you’ll remember Lisa Hedge, the talented graphic designer & art director whose botanical wedding stationery that she designed for friends in 2012 went kind of viral on Pinterest (and inspired a few copy-cats). she has expanded her interest in creating beautiful sophisticated wedding stationery into Venamour, a creative studio focused on the design, craft,…



at first glance i couldn’t quite figure out what Flora was – did they make really cool plastic plants? that would be a novel idea. but no, they make really cool posters of plants. if you have a habit of killing plants or if you want to send someone a…

Lauren Hom Travel Posters. help this designer fund a round-the-world trip by buying a sweet poster!

26 Letters 26,000 Miles

you’ll probably remember designer & letterer extraordinaire Lauren Hom from her great Daily Dishonesty project from a few years back. Lauren has just launched a series of travel-inspired, hand-lettered posters to help fundraise her dream of a round the world trip: 26 Letters 26,000 Miles. In January 2016, I’m selling all of my belongings, stuffing…



this is one of the coolest things i’ve seen in a while. Onehundredforty is an art experiment that merges smart programming with beautiful design to make personal art prints – from a tweet of your choice. basically you select a tweet, Onehundredforty generates your design, and they print and send it to…

Golden Year by Julia Kostreva

Golden Year

i have always been terrible at planning. i don’t plan my day or my week or make lists or any of that stuff – i know i should. and sometimes when i do manage to sort myself out it is almost always handwritten. i tried to use list apps and…