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Nice Magazine: Ten Things

i was asked by catherine aka wolf eyebrows to contribute a Ten Things feature to Joburg based design & communications company nicework’s monthly nice magazine. “Each issue we pick the brain of an interesting person to list ten things that they like, enjoy, appreciate or get inspired by.” the latest issue has just been released and it looks GREAT! be sure to read it here (it’s also available for download.) my friend jessica’s list is also in there.

i had way too much fun making this collage by the way. it’s also pretty funny looking at all my things together because this is basically how my life looks to me… a lot of rainbow colours, in hindsight. mmm.

  1. South AfricaThis poster was designed by Daddy Buy Me A Pony (now The President), a company that had a huge influence on my entire graphic design class in university. It has been hanging on my wall ever since, and is a constant reminder of how much I love our country & local design.
  2. Fashion. As frivolous as it is, I can’t deny that fashion makes me happy. My sister-in-law has a collection of old Vogues that I intend on stealing some day. Some of them are in German… but who reads the articles anyway?
  3. Music. There are many things in life that confuse me. How a telephone works, for example. Music fits into that category. Or rather – the talent that goes into making a piece of music. It’s basically magic as far as I’m concerned. Magic that fills my ear drums every single day, because I can’t imagine working without it or driving in my car without it or dancing without it (that would be weird.)
  4. Drawing. Drawing was my main activity from the minute I could pick up a crayon. After school was spent drawing, not doing homework. Or drawing on my homework. I have been neglecting it lately though, so I have all my art stuff laid out on my desk to encourage me to pick those pens up again.
  5. Craft. One of my best friends used to hand make these bangles in her free time, and people loved them so much that she started selling them and couldn’t keep up with demand. They really represent how a small idea & a bit of ingenuity can take off – as long as you are willing to put the work in. I admire people that make things with their hands.
  6. The Past. I’m a sentimental kinda gal and find myself consistently rifling through old photo archives online. The Life magazine archives hosted by Google is an endless source of joy in this regard. I don’t own many issues myself, so the fact that I can browse the magazine as far back as 1936 really gets me.
  7. Film Photography. My parents bought me this sixties era Nikkormat FTn camera with a complete set of Nikon lenses when I was in my first year of university. The most beautiful photographs I have taken have been with this baby. The fact that I learned how to develop my own images in a dark room really boosted my appreciation for the art of film. The light meter broke on a trip to Italy, so I bought this hand held one from an old Italian dude in an even older camera shop.
  8. Colour. Trying to explain why colour inspires me would be like trying to explain why my body needs oxygen. Actually no, it’s a pretty simple explanation why my body needs oxygen… this is terrible analogy. I can’t live without colour, much like my body can’t survive without oxygen? There it is.
  9. Period dramas. I shouldn’t call them period dramas, because for the most part they aren’t dramas to me. If anything they are bundles of pleasure and delight in celluloid format. If I had to pick one genre to watch for the rest of my life it would have to be period films. I’m also grateful for the fact that brilliant filmmakers keep churning out these gems, because re-reading Pride & Prejudice isn’t as fun as re-watching it over and over.
  10. Pictures. 99% of my time on the Internet is spent looking at pictures, which is the only reason why my blog exists.

things i like right now

i realise that my entire blog is technically my own ‘things i like right now’ – but i am enjoying this series so much i needed to take part. every time someone sends me their list i think damn! i like that too! and then mentally rearrange and add to my own list. so here goes. things i like right now, by me … birthday edition. i am 27 today.

1. david sedaris. i am ashamed to say that i had never read david sedaris before my recent trip, where i found his book dress your family in corduroy and denim in the flat we were staying in. i read it in one day because i am a shameless lying-in-bed-reading-until-four-in-the-morning-because-i-can’t-put-it-down kind of person. i managed to track down a copy of me talk pretty one day at the good old abbey bookshop around the corner, and so had more awesome reading material for the plane. his books have sold over 7 millions copies, and i only discover him now? needless to say, the man is a genius. and his writing appeals exactly to my sense of humour.

2. simon & garfunkel. a while back i was all about paul, but now i’m giving the duo much love again. not that i have ever fallen out of love, mind you. i can watch old videos of them harmonising to an enraptured crowd over and over, resulting in extreme jealousy of anyone who has ever seen them live.

3. beer. i am a late bloomer when it comes to alcohol preference. my student days were all ciders and vodka (shudder.) it took me years to get on the red wine train, and then one day i had a glass and just loved it. the same goes for beer, which is now my beverage of choice pretty much at all times.

4. this illustration by maria sibylla merian. oh man, i would give my…. simon and garfunkel collection for a giant print of this. jokes, it’s all digital anyway. fine! i’d give my ipod for one.

5. boots. shit! it’s almost summer. which means, no more boots. no more of the boots i have been living in for the past few months. worse still – the internet is quickly filling up with all new boots that the northerners will soon we running around in, keeping their toes warm. while my toes melt. oh well, maybe i can wear them in the evenings…. right?

6. her hair. i have been wanting to cut my hair forever (right now it’s at the birth of venus hair length, basically.) my friends are sick to death of me umming and aahing over whether to cut a fringe again (it’s just grown out!) this stylish lady’s hair has me practically convinced that i should lose the fringe and go shoulder length.

7. blouses. i had to stop myself from buying a suitcase of blouses when i was in paris. (cheap, too! can you say h&m?) and i instantly regretted it as soon as i got home because i have a feeling i’m going to live in them this summer.

8. music mixes. i like making these way too much. i am constantly compiling and rearranging the stupid things, trying to make the perfect mix. but most of all, i am contemplating doing two a month – that’s how much i love sharing them and knowing that people are enjoying them. i hope the free music police don’t catch me, though.

9. not-skinny jeans. i haven’t dipped my legs into the flare / boot / wide leg revival yet, but i am excited to once i find the right pair. high waisted and hip hugging like karla’s would be amazing.

10. stroopwafels. i saw my dutch family when i was overseas and they gave me a tin of stroopwafels (proper ones, from gouda). nothing, and i mean nothing, excites me as much as a tin of stroopwafels. i’ve been rationing them much like a child would their easter eggs.

11. photography. picking up a camera and just shooting my entire holiday made me realise how much i love photography. i haven’t done anything creative (properly creative) in a long time …work doesn’t count. now all i can think about is reviving my old film cameras and getting into it again – for good.

12. my family. i suppose i don’t like my family – i love them. and not right now, but always. of course right now i really like them because i think they might give me cake today.

* i had to stop myself from putting mad men on this list. that would have been too obvious! but just so you know, mad men is on this list… it’s just invisible. omnipresent, if you will.


elle oh elle

the september Elle magazine has been out since mid-august, and i was determined to wait till september to actually post about this – but i am far too impatient for my own good….

kim, lana, lauren and i were lucky enough to be featured in their spring issue for ‘the scoop on spring’. in case you read the article and were wondering what on earth i was talking about – here’s my post about atonement & morris and here is the old mac daddy trailer park. i also mentioned pastel blouses, this is what i had in mind:

image from the sartorialist & equipment washed silk pocket shirt from net-a-porter

if you discovered my blog through the Elle, welcome! and thanks Elle mag, what an honour.