Winnie Truong

Winnie Truong is a Canadian artist whose infinitely detailed drawings are absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing. she has just launched her latest series A Slow Immersion, which is currently showing at the ESP Gallery in Toronto.

The latest drawing series by Winnie Truong continues to explore the artist’s ongoing relationship with hair beyond beauty and accoutrement and into a direction of a object and environs. Through delicate, labor-intensive drawing, Truong’s anomalous subjects examine the possibility of hair as a veil and as an object of comfort, while also remaining a self-consuming and self-inspiring muse.

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Spencer Studio

beautiful drawings by Spencer Studio extending scenes from vintage photographs.

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Twenty-Seven Names

thanks to lisa for making me aware of new zealand label twenty-seven names & their rad winter 2012 lookbook.

their portraits project is pretty gorgeous, too.

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Wil Freeborn

i will always remember my illustration lecturer at university telling us repeatedly that the best illustrators and comic book artists always had their sketchbook with them, and were always drawing. any spare moment was spent observing, sketching and perfecting their craft. that is of course completely true and a philosophy that certainly applies to any skill.

so i was immediately taken back to that classroom when i saw the pages of Wil Freeborn’s incredible sketchbooks. had mixed feelings of admiration and jealousy when browsing through these – what a talent.

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louis reith

book pages is a series by louis reith – works made from collage and/or fineliner + marker on book pages

also, map mountains. wow.

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jamie mills

jamie mills is an illustrator from the UK. i like his bears + trees. he has a shop, too.

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Aron Wiesenfeld

aron wiesenfeld‘s work is astonishing. his charcoal pieces in particular make me stare & stare.

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hélène jeudy

very interesting & beautiful work by hélène jeudy






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