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  • Lucie de Moyencourt: Atlantic Seaboard

    Atlantic Seaboard

    last week we visited a newish deli that opened in my neighbourhood late last year. there is a large Jewish community in Sea Point, so i benefit from all sorts of great stuff…

  • Illustrated Nudie Calendar by Anna Gleeson

    2015 Illustrated Nudie Calendar

    illustrator Anna Gleeson made a playful, illustrated take on the age-old classic: the nudie calendar. do you guys still page directly to your birth month when looking at a calendar? i have always…

  • Marsi van de Heuvel: Dark Matter

    Marsi van de Heuvel: Dark Matter

    can we all just take a moment for people who work on one thing for 2 whole months? that is exactly what Cape Town based artist Marsi van de Heuvel does. in…



    i should start this post by saying that artistic depictions of cats go back as far as the Egyptians who- bla bla bla, but the point is cats are cool so of course why wouldn’t…

  • Art

    Winnie Truong

    Winnie Truong is a Canadian artist whose infinitely detailed drawings are absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing. she has just launched her latest series A Slow Immersion, which is currently showing at the ESP…

  • Art

    Spencer Studio

    beautiful drawings by Spencer Studio extending scenes from vintage photographs.…

  • Fashion

    Twenty-Seven Names

    thanks to lisa for making me aware of new zealand label twenty-seven names & their rad winter 2012 lookbook. their portraits project is pretty gorgeous, too.…

  • Art

    Wil Freeborn

    i will always remember my illustration lecturer at university telling us repeatedly that the best illustrators and comic book artists always had their sketchbook with them, and were always drawing. any spare…

  • Art

    louis reith

    book pages is a series by louis reith – works made from collage and/or fineliner + marker on book pages also, map mountains. wow.…

  • Art

    jamie mills

    jamie mills is an illustrator from the UK. i like his bears + trees. he has a shop, too.…

  • Art

    Aron Wiesenfeld

    aron wiesenfeld‘s work is astonishing. his charcoal pieces in particular make me stare & stare.…

  • Art

    pixel girl

    work by agata nowika…