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Kiki Dee

i admittedly don’t know anything about kiki dee apart from the fact that she makes up the other half in elton john’s fabulous don’t go breaking my heart. yep, fabulous. i’m unsure how to explain why this was happening in the first place… but today i was going down a weird rabbit hole of elton […]


This is not a music mix

in lieu of the fact that the music mixes are currently on hiatusĀ i thought it would be a good idea to share some tunes with you that have been making my happy lately. nothing new here though, folks. i’ve only been entertaining the oldies. PS: i can’t believe i haven’t included a Queen track in […]



young sting. young jeremy irons. oh. my. god. young sting. young brooke shields. hey now! young sting. young elton. don’t stand so close to my tiny dancer. young sting. yes please. (not that i wouldn’t take present day sting, thank you very much) all images courtesy life magazine archive