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  • Zoé G.K.  // Miss Moss

    Zoé G Kocsis

    i came upon the clothing of Zoé G Kocsis on Etsy, a Montreal based fashion designer & student who makes comfortable outfits that are defined by “simplicity, softness & durability”, made from…

  • Bird of Paradise

    Bird of Paradise

    Lilian of online shop BFGF (boyfrengirlfren) shared this amazing collaboration with me that she did with Mary Eleanor Wallace, the owner of Chicago based shop Tusk. the photos were shot by Lillian…

  • gift-guide-3-preview

    Gift Guide No.3

    i traversed the deep, dark corners of Etsy to find some cool gift ideas for you. it’s one of the few places that i regularly purchase from as an international buyer. talking…

  • things

    Nice Things No.18

    1. marble print bag by hokoda 2. bloggers love cats calender 3. custom pet portraits by Faye Moorhouse 4. pastel tassel necklace by DDSLL Girls 5. knitted baby mobile by Patricija 6.…

  • 001

    Egretta Garzetta

    i must confess that underwear is pretty much at the bottom of my list of priorities when it comes to clothes shopping. big purchases are reserved for shoes, leather goods… maybe the…

  • Stuff

    Nice Things No.15

    here are 15 nice things for Nice Things No.15 – it’s an Etsy edition! porcelain jewellery by Loumi: the daschund league tote bag by giulia sagramola: moonstone deco silver ring by Datter:…

  • Curious Creatures Giveaway

    Curious Creatures Giveaway

    if you’re on the lookout for something special for a friend, sister, mom, girlfriend (or you simply wish to treat yo self) then you’ll be wanting to be entering this giveaway from Curious Creatures.…

  • Stuff

    Nice Things No.11

    what one might call a massive colour coordinated edition of nice things. [1] brown leather tote by btw wind & water [2] pouches by blackbird and the owl [3] deep maple fruit bowl…

  • Fashion

    Handmade by Due

    these digitally printed blouses by Due are simply beautiful.  …

  • Stuff

    Nice Things No.9

    Nice Things no.9! porcelain by urban cartel / cosmos ring by twinklebird / bow pendant by ayakokanari / organic kitty tank by napkin / sheer blouse by andy ve eirn / planter…

  • Stuff

    Nice Things No.8

    nice things no.8 been losing my mind over this 1920s dress at dear golden gold metallic clutch from gift shop brooklyn notebooks from ribbon squirrel materia prima necklace from studio fludd linen market…

  • Stuff

    Nice Things No.7

    ombre tights by BZRBZR: grasp porcelain bowls by bryce wymer: cat pouch by fill it with diamonds: j’adore cushion by lovemaki circle screenprints by sandra thompsen: textiles by knife in the water: cat zipper…

  • Fashion

    Grace Spring 2012

    Alison sent me the Spring lookbook for her lovely accessories label Grace. she also carries a scarf called the Diana, which literally has my name written all over it.…

  • Art

    Kaye Blegvad

    Kaye Blegvad is a multi-talented illustrator / designer / thing-maker who is originally from london but now lives & works in brooklyn. she has a jewellery shop, a print shop and a…