The Missed Connections of Sophie Blackall

i watched this Etsy interview with illustrator Sophie Blackall over a cup of coffee this morning and it left me feeling so incredibly happy and warm. she has such a wonderfully inviting and serene way of talking about her work…

“i like drawing animals, but i’m ashamed to say i almost always want to put clothes on them”

you’ve probably heard about her project Missed Connections where she illustrates stories from the missed connections section of Craigslist (which is now available as a book). if you haven’t definitely have a browse through her blog, and also check out her new project Drawn from my Father’s Adventures.


i spotted a shot from the Mother collection on Pinterest – uncredited, of course, grrrrr – but it wasn’t until this post on Style Bubble that i learned that this is the new range from Yokoo (of hand-knitted scarves and accessories fame).

Mother stems from the desire to rid the fashion world of the notion that modern feminism is the absence of femininity. I wanted to design clothes for true feminist. Women who are not afraid to be women. Women who don’t muster up the courage to say, “yes” but feel quite comfortable in the ease of saying, “no.” Mother stands for an authoritative approach to femininity. In nature, the more unseen a power, the more of an authoritative the role.

Nice Things No.6

having a bluesy monday? some light retail therapy might do the trick. nice things no.6.

valentines card from parrott design studio. which reminds me, be sure to check out a mega list of love cards that i compiled over at honey kennedy (just in time for valentines day).

beautifully simple satchel from a room model:

grey & peach zag bowl from up in the air somewhere:

louisa louisa is a cute vintage shop:

odette new york & mcmc fragrances valentine gift set:

printed calligraphy gifts tags from yours is the earth:

sensational vintage jewellery from the deeps:

globe pendants from dylan design co:

herbal lip balms from phoenix botanicals:

johnny cash letterpress print by in haus press:

Prunella Soap

Prunella is an organic (and vegan) soap line by Janell Anderson out of Portland, Oregan. the packaging and photography is so darn cute i almost can’t stand it.

Prunella is vegan, organic cold process soap made in small batches with simple, all natural ingredients in downtown Portland, Oregon. It is made utilizing the old-fashioned method of soap making and cures for a minimum of four weeks from the time it is made until it’s available for sale. Eco-friendly, super sudsy and wonderful for your skin! Prunella (Princess Prunella…to be exact) was a nickname given to me by my mom when I was a little girl because I would stay in the bath too long…my fingertips would turn to “prunes!”

Maria: Things I Like Right Now

Maria (also known as Miss Crowland) is the lady behind Big Tinsel, another of my inaugural sponsors. I’m excited for you to get to know her better through one of my favourite series – things i like right now. Maria is offering a 10% discount until the end of November if you use the coupon code MISSMOSS over at her shop when you checkout!

Drive. I know I’m a little late to the game, but I just recently saw Drive, and it blew me away. I love it when movies cross genres and take a leap stylistically, and in this case, I think the results were fantastic. The saturated colours and lights — the dreamy music and sound design — it really evoked the idea of a modern and warped fairy tale…and the neon pink scripty font on the main titles is the perfect 80’s throwback.

This chair from Anthropologie. If I had the money and the amazing house to put it in, it would be mine. Both medieval and modern (medievern? modieval?)

Designspiration + Very Very Beautiful. A great way to get the creative juices flowing.

Fatima Ronquillo. Surreal, dreamlike portrait painter Fatima Ronquillo seems to create a world that existed long ago in some alternate universe. I particularly love the animal ‘portraits’. I draw pet portraits myself (at, and there is definitely something magical about drawing animals. They seem to have such amazing sprits that always show through.

Charlotte Gainsbourgh. The first movie I saw her in was the french film Lemming, which is this weird thriller about these two couples and a major lemming infestation. She wore a pair of Wrangler jeans in that movie that I wanted so badly. She just has the best personal style. I love that she always looks a little messy and effortless, even when she dresses up. I’m looking forward to her new album coming out this month. (Photo credit)

This sweater by Zadig & Voltaire. What better way to elevate a simple cashmere sweater than gold elbow patches, I ask you?

Misfits. I watched the first two seasons of this British show about juvenile delinquents turned superheroes online over the course of a weekend. One of the most fun and visually arresting shows I’ve seen in a while, and the third season just started up in the UK!

Paul F. Tompkins, I’m a gigantic comedy nerd, and right now Paul F. Tompkins might just be my favourite comedian. He is particularly popular in the podcasting universe, making appearances on just about every comedy podcast in existence, as well as host of his own, the Pod F. Tompkast. He has more of a storytelling style to his act, and does several terrific impersonations, my favourite of which might be Gary Marshall. Go to YouTube and listen to Cake vs. Pie… I dare you not to laugh.

Vivian Maier. One could say she is one of the greatest American undiscovered photographers. Her work was discovered in a storage locker, later to be owned by Chicago historian John Maloof. She was a nanny who photographed street life for over 40 years, and never shared her photos with anyone until their eventual discovery. It’s a remarkable story made even better by her incredible photos.

These boots by Aldo. I have too many boots already, but I couldn’t resist getting these. They are the perfect blend of badass and practical…because I think both of those things are equally important.

Oaxaca, Mexico. A good friend of mine is currently living in Oaxaca, and I just came back from a visit in September. Oaxaca might just be the mecca of handicrafts, and I had to hold myself back from buying just about everything I saw. Two particular highlights for me (other than the fantastic food) was the market in Ocatlan, which is where you will find a food booth run by a living clone of Frida Kahlo, and the gorgeous black pottery of San Bartolo Coyotepec (of which I came away with a fantastic skull). Some pictures of my trip can be seen on my Flickr page.

More Wall Space, Please

i change the pictures on my walls pretty regularly, and i’m gradually aiming to replace stuff i’ve printed out from the internet (yes, i’m on a budget – don’t judge) with real art made by talented people.

vu de l’extérieur print by fieldguided:

fin iii by richard roberts:

summer fruit & winter fruit by claire nereim:

texas by curtis jinkins:

get back to work by steady print shop co:

dueling watson the cat by medium control :

la lune by double merrick:

chronic bitchface by kris atomic:

sweater by karolin schnoor:

mountains by leah duncan:

b&w wave by rinn:

perfect twist by debbie carlos:

homestead by beauchamping:

process colour triangle print by desTroy:

lion for a day by random objects:

think from felt & wire:

Dear Golden

you may have noticed over in the sidebar that Dear Golden is one of my inaugural sponsors – and I couldn’t be happier because Lauren has become a great internet pal and i am, of course, obsessed with her shop and continually amazed by the vintage pieces she lists every week. Lauren is currently working on her new Dear Golden studio space, and so everything in her etsy shop is on 25% sale! here are some items i have been eyeballing.

this incredible bag

seventies wrap dresses – my favourite:

left: All Tomorrows / middle: Hibiscus dress / right: Redwood Chiffon dress

shoes! too bad my feet can’t be different sizes.

clockwise from top: Etienne Aigner loafers / floral heels / embroidered ballet flats / ethnic woven flats

pink wonders – i could see that lace number as a wedding dress, no?

left: Cut Out Blossom / right: Pink Pinwheel lace

1950s bowtie:

another beauty of a bag – perfect for weekends


i don’t have designated sleepwear, but rather rely on the trusted leggings / undies + t-shirt / vest combo. it might be time to invest in some quality pj’s, though… these beauties are from Pop-Lin.

From Scratch

i’v decided to dub Etsy the never-ending rabbit hole of desire & lust. not in a porny way, guys. there’s SO much stuff on there that i want to buy! i’m going to be moving at the end of the year & i’m quite excited by the prospect of decorating a new place from scratch. toying with the idea of selling all my possessions and just starting over – wouldn’t that be nice?

first row: origami lampshade / side table / hanging air plant

second row: wall clock / porcelain hanging containers / cork jars

third row: floating shelves / vintage dining room table / spinners

fourth row: side chair / bubble chandelier / leather storage tote