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    12 hrs

    i really love the idea behind 12 hrs, a new travel site launched by The Locals photographer Søren Jepsen and writer Anna Peuckert. much like my own city guide to Cape Town, they aim…

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    i went to barcelona once, it was rad. i didn’t take enough photos though – was probably drinking too much sangria.…

  • Design


    i already have a bicycle (which i love - it's a black & white cruiser with white tyres) but i just can't help looking at bicycle sites. the latest one,…

  • Photography


    continuing with the backward uploading of photos from my european travels, these are from a trip to prague. …

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    i like the cold

    once upon a time we took a train trip from prague to füssen then hopped on a bus to hohenschwangau and made our way up the hill to the neuschwanstein castle.…

  • my stupid feet and den's kaiser chief high tops


    when you travel so much you sometimes get lazy on the photography front, thinking it will be all good & you'll just remember it all. but you don't! you should take pics…

  • inside paris

    Paris 48°50N 2°23E

    in each city ami asks 50 of its inhabitants to hand-draw a map to a place of their choosing, a place that is significant or important to them personally, for any reason.…

  • amalfi


    from a trip to italy, 2003. i remember it being reported as the hottest italian summer in decades - that water was heaven.…

  • row houses


    i did a fair bit of travelling in 2007, so i'm going to start sharing some europa pics. first installment will be copenhagen, just because i'm thinking about it today.…