Things I REALLY use as a new mom

i’ve had a few messages and requests from moms-to-be for me to share the things i really use (and never used) as a first time mom. i think pregnant women easily get suckered into buying many unnecessary things before the baby arrives, even though you are pretty clueless as to what you might…


one of the things that modern parents have to grapple with is how much screentime to allow your kids, and it’s something i think about often considering that i am absolutely unashamedly addicted to my phone. i mean, i have been kind of addicted to the internet since our first…

Kids ❤ Animals

Kids ❤️ Animals

one thing i’m really excited about is introducing Axel to animals. i mean, right now he can barely recognise my face let alone appreciate how cute a kitten is – but before we know it he’ll be picking out his first puppy… and it’s highly possible i might be more excited…


Welcome Axel

we welcomed our son Axel Anton Visser on Tuesday 10 May. he wasn’t breathing on his own when he arrived and had to be transferred to a specialised NICU at a hospital across town where he stayed for a week. needless to say it was a harrowing time for us. staying…


Imaginary Curator: Mama

Above: Agnes Barton-Sabo, Freddie Mercury Mother’s Day Card. the other day i did a Buzzfeed quiz to see how well i remembered the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody (pretty well, i might add) and i have had the line “Mama! Oooooooooh” revolving in my head ever since. perhaps appropriate as i am…

Mama Bird

Mama Bird

gonna have to get myself one of these tees by The Bee and the Fox when the little guy is born. and he will have to wear this one, sorry son – i’m already embarrassing you with matching tees. shop the entire range here.

Miss Moss Birthday

🎂 Seven Years 🎉

my brother and i on his birthday. more on that below… this month marks SEVEN years of this old blog being in the world! i never knew how long i would be able to keep it up, seven years is beyond expected! if this blog was a child it would already be in…

Heather Evans Smith: Seen Not Heard

Heather Evans Smith

Heather Evans Smith is a photographer whose conceptual series Seen Not Heard explores her multi-faceted relationship with her young daughter. the first image i featured above is just SO amazing! i think it’s so interesting to explore & interpret various stages of your life through such a creative medium. this is going to be…



oh this is soooooooo cuuuuuuuute. OffOn is a creative workshop studio based in Vilnius, Lithuania – a family project creating handmade clothes. they make sweet maternity dresses, kids clothing and even matching family outfits. check out their shop on Etsy.


Julie Blackmon

Julie Blackmon is a photographer whose ongoing series Domestic Vacations is inspired by 17th century Dutch paintings of chaotic domestic life, particularly those by artist Jan Steen – see this painting and you’ll get a good idea. today a “Jan Steen Household” is used to refer to a home in disarray: full of rowdy kids and boisterous family gatherings. Blackmon…


The Socialite Family

consider The Socialite Family a French version of FvF – except focusing on families, of course. founder Constance Gennari started the website to share her true passion: “observing interior design through the eyes of a family, whether in Paris, New York or anywhere else in the world.” Traditional values, more particularly, family values are becoming…

Baby Alba

i really enjoyed looking through the touching photographs documenting the pregnancy and birth of photographers matt & nirrimi’s baby girl alba. you can see all the photos at matt’s flickr and also read the birth story at nirrimi’s blog. all photographs courtesy of matt & nirrimi


hila has been sharing some great old family photos lately, so i couldn’t resist dipping into my own collection. some background info: i have three older brothers. i’ll refer to them as brothers no. 1, 2 & 3 – because it’s easier that way. mom as a tyke: dad as…

Mamma’s Day

it’s mother’s day here on sunday. my mom is on a photography trip on the other side of the world where she will be gallivanting through the english countryside, so there will be no chance for me to lavish her with flowers and cups of tea. my mom doesn’t like eating sweet…