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  • ma

    mother’s day

    ♥ my mom as a kid, with her beloved daschund ♥ … happy mother’s day … ♥…

  • Vintage

    the past

    i’m glad so many people are taking the time to share their old family photos on flickr. these belong to megazord.…

  • betty-03


    this lady is in almost all my ouma’s photographs – i think she was her best friend, and somehow i imagine her name to be betty. you can see her in a…

  • four loves i found

    four loves i found

    four loves i found – a woman, a child, a horse & a hound - 1922 - george spencer watson via art inconnu…

  • Art


    esbjorn doing his homework (1912) - carl larsson that feeling – when it’s so nice outside but you have work to do. man.…

  • Vintage

    mi madre

    my love for old photos never wanes, look at the gorgeous shots of this guy’s mom in the sixties…

  • Stuff

    nom nom nom

    just had to show you the way my sister-in-law wrapped all the homemade stollen & cookies that she gave everyone at christmas (cut-out reindeer tags!)…

  • xmas-01


    ho-ho-ho-holy crap it's christmas already!…

  • Design, Vintage

    root beer

    one of the many reasons i love creative people is because they have the best & most original gift ideas. erin jang says, My husband loves good root beer. For his birthday…

  • oupa being shot at
    Photography, Vintage


    i decided to start scanning in all our old family photographs, here's some of the pretty radical images my parents have in their archives.…

  • beer!

    bop & jive

    the best thing about looking at old photos of your parents is realising that most everyone is the same when they're young (beer! braai! party hats! dancing! fun!)…

  • knysna

    i want to go to there

    holy moly, it’s only 18 odd days and then my SUMMER HOLIDAY starts. today i’m reflecting on summer holidays of old, 99.9% of the time spent by the sea (where else?). our…

  • Photography, Vintage

    flick flack

    just some pics i’ve found + fav’d over at flickr recently ben pearce shtroxy suzalayne nich hance terr-bo artinconnu laser bread mademoiselle molly fryxell luxiferre superbomba stomach aches serena photography…