Girl In The Wild

my friend Amy recently moved away to work at a game lodge in the bush, and though i will seriously miss her while she’s gone (i hate it when friends move away, why can’t we all just stay in the same city, huh?) i know she’s going to love it, because Amz…


had some fun with a few looks from the beautiful Thakoon pre-fall 2012 collection. runway images courtesy of vogue. painting credits from top to bottom: landscape / birches / a girl on the cliffs in hanko / view over högklint / from the coast of amalfi

Re-imagining Kenzo

those rad gals from Honestly… WTF, Erica and Lauren, asked me to do a few guest posts for them over the next couple of weeks. here’s the first – Re-imagining Kenzo. One of my favourite shows from the recent Spring 2012 collections was the “new” Kenzo – which was recently taken over…


i had fun making these. in photoshop… not by hand. all images courtesy of fashion gone rogue. please click on the images to be taken to the original editorials.

Rosy Disposition

just an idea i’m playing around with. image credits from top to bottom: stockholm street style + pierre auguste renoir – roses from wargemont / lachsbroetchen + konstantin korovin – roses in blue jugs / vanillascented + henri fantin latour – roses / the sartorialist + konstantin korovin – roses