These Walls

it’s funny that i have never done any kind of house tour, but the truth is our place is not pinterest worthy. not that it has to be. i could show you pics of the dishes in the sink and the weird basket i keep under the bathroom cabinet that’s filled with toiletries that are probably 5 years old (but i can’t seem to bring myself to throw away? what’s with that). but, you know, it’s not that cool. we don’t live in a magazine house and we probably never will.

but i do enjoy sharing the occasional snippet on instagram, when i have tidied and the light is hitting some magical corner of the flat just at the right moment. i decided to put all our art and prints up on the bare walls last week – so, here are some of our nice corners.

These Walls // Miss Moss shares bits of her apartment

this is the wall above our dining room table – the biggest and most intimidating one of all. i rearranged those pics about 20 times before deciding on an arrangement. then i left them for 24 hours before finally thinking, okay that’ll do. even now i’m not 100% sure about it. but the beauty is i can always rearrange them. some of the artists pictured from left to right: Andrzej Urbanski, bird print by João Lelo, unknown graphic artist, painting of Paris by my dad, goodbye winter print by Jordan Metcalf, heart cut-outs by Karen Cronje, lion around by Katrin Coetzer.

These Walls // Miss Moss shares bits of her apartment

our entrance hallway. notice my hair brush peeking out of the right corner. that kind of crap is always lying around the flat, i can’t even manage to hide it when i’m trying to take a nice picture. the big gold frame was found at a charity shop, and i printed out the vintage poster on the cheap. embroidered Girl with a Pearl Earring also found at a charity shop.

These Walls // Miss Moss shares bits of her apartment

this is the sentimental wall in our lounge. thumb prints from our wedding, two photographs from our recent road trip, wooden bench inherited from Anton’s gran, statue of Diana / Artemis given to me by Anton’s mom (who got it from her mother-in-law), photo from our wedding, etc.

These Walls // Miss Moss shares bits of her apartment

Anton’s reading / TV watching chair, which we got from Space for Life.

These Walls // Miss Moss shares bits of her apartment

the huge print was a gift from my friend Jessica who inherited from the previous owners of her old restaurant. the shelves are from Vamp.

These Walls // Miss Moss shares bits of her apartment

our decidedly unglamorous bedroom wall, complete with mismatched side tables and bedside lamps! notice all the books on Anton’s side and zero on mine. pillows from Nest in stellenbosch.

These Walls // Miss Moss shares bits of her apartment

my “dressing table”. print from Fieldguided. painting by my talented sister-in-law given to me for my bridal shower (she knows i love Frida). mirror from Vamp.


Handmade in Moste

Klara and Klemen are students of architecture who live in an old house in Moste, Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. they regularly walked past the once grand villa hidden amongst the trees in this old neighborhood, and wondered about the abandoned looking apartment inside – which, it turned out, had been sitting empty for 20 years. after tracking down the owner and making a deal to fix up the flat in exchange for rent, they got the keys and started renovations. you can read the story of the apartment on their blog Handmade in Moste.

In truth, the flat did not look inviting at first glance; the paint was falling apart, plumbing and electricity wires suspiciously battered and the floor was very damaged in some parts. There was no central heating and all other modern commodities. But it had promising qualities such as high ceilings, big rooms with lots of windows, it was classically built out of brick and had a cooking furnace that was so inviting, that we almost smelled wood burning…

they designed and made many of the built-in components in the house themselves – including (but not limited to) a beautiful work light; all the shelving in their studio, bathroom & kitchen; a sturdy coffee table and the sweetest log rack. you can see all their projects on their blog, and read about their philosophy of handmaking items of quality & simplicity.


House Wellington 7B & 7C

another thing i have been doing a lot of in anticipation of moving soon, apart from browsing etsy, is actually looking for a new place to stay.* which is a frustrating process, at best. so when i get sick of looking at dingy, overpriced flats i start looking for things that actually inspire me – like these two flats in Cape Town’s CBD designed by architects Wolf & Wolf.

We designed a new penthouse loft apartment in the historic Fruit Growers Building in Cape Town. We explored the concept of re-fabrication, using as much of the existing timber on site and re-working it. The result is our take on what a “Cape Town” style loft apartment is. House Wellington 7C is a compact version of 7B. Here we explore the idea of compact Urban Living. The total area is 50m²

* may as well take this opportunity to appeal to people in the cape town area who are reading this – if you have a flat or know of a flat in cape town that is becoming available next year please email me! that’s the smell of desperation, friends.

House Wellington 7B:

House Wellington 7c:


invest in some happiness

hey, want to move to sweden with me? malmö, specifically. it’s pretty cold there right now but we can hole up in this apartment. it’s for sale for R3,5m. did you know the swedish krona’s exchange rate is basically on par with the south african rand? i didn’t either. it makes me feel pretty great, except a coffee there probably costs 30 bucks which makes me feel the opposite. it’s okay, we can take our own coffee & live like monks! if you can bring the 3.5 million we’ll be set.

oh, you only have 1 million? let’s buy this one, then.

i could show you more but 100% of these apartments basically look the same inside.


stop dreaming about your fake house

i’m moving into a new place this month, and i’m excited. i’ll be living with my very good friends (yay) and just the thought of experiencing a change puts a spring in my step. have been catching myself looking at interiors online, which is kind of futile since i don’t have a money tree (yet). yeah. so, this is kind of what i would like my house to look like… one day. or at least elements of. taste veers drastically from very light & airy to pretty dark & moody.

click on the images for their sources. some of these might be reposts, sorry.



we’re not done with paris… yet. i still have many photos to get through, so in the meantime i thought i’d show you the apartment we stayed in. it’s on the left bank right behind notre dame, and filled with so much awesome art and weird little artefacts that my eyeballs almost fell out.

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front & back

a pretty cool modern renovation of a turn of the century row house in washington, dc

i wish we had more row houses in SA, i would love to live in an urban street not dissimilar to what you see on london, new york & other cities the world over. smaller than a house, bigger than a flat. what more could you ask for?

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