Old Photos, new memories

i often wonder, if we still only had film cameras – what would our memories look like? my memories as a kid are heavily influenced by photos from my childhood, and there would often only be a handful from any event (if one at all!). now of course we have…

Nicola Odemann

Nicola Odemann

i have posted about Nicola Odemann before, but somehow the images in the post have disappeared. mmm, i suppose if you have had a blog going for 7 off years there will be some digital casualties along the way (i imagine the internet to eat files like the dreaded sarlacc, to…

Vintage book covers

Covers, etc: Vol 2

way back in the day i did a post called Covers, etc all about an awesome collection of vintage book covers curated by a gentleman named Richard. there are now almost 1500 book covers in his collection, so it’s well worth a second look. i was just thinking this past weekend how…

Carmen Marchena: Greenland

Carmen Marchena: Greenland

these photos are by Carmen Marchena, another wonderful flickr discovery. they were taken in Greenland, some with expired film, giving a strangely warm quality to this cold beautiful place. i want to go to there.

Antoine Henault

Antoine Henault

Antoine Henault is a young french photographer who i discovered through his Flickr feed. you can also follow him on Instagram, Tumblr and on his website – where i am hoping he continues to share these wonderful colour saturated photographs.


Lukasz Wierzbowski

Lukasz Wierzbowski, aka Neon Tambourine on Flickr, is someone who i have followed since before the blog’s inception. i posted about him way back in 2009, and ever since then i have enjoyed seeing his work pop up all over the online world. you can also buy a book of his…


Tamara Lichtenstein

Tamara Lichtenstein is one of those talented people on flickr whose dreamy photographs get fav’d a thousand times over. i have followed her for a long time and always like seeing a new image pop up in my feed. quick facts: she’s 23, from Houston Texas, and she also does…


Hana Haley

Hana Haley is a San Francisco based fashion photographer whose photos “are like stray lashes that have fallen loose from my lids to exist somewhere else. they are secrets i’ve let slip out.” see more of her work at her portfolio, flickr & blog.


Warm Weather

it’s that time of year again where i do my annual post about summer psyching. this has mostly do with all the imagery i have seen on instagram and twitter and in my blog feed from people who live in, or are currently holidaying in, the northern hemisphere. i know…


Li Hui

continuing with Flickr Fridays! i have noticed and admired the work of Li Hui for years on Flickr, so I was surprised to find that i had never actually done a post about her before (cannot keep track after all these years i guess). she is a self-taught photographer who…


Hanne Johansen

i’ve decided, in addition to a friday these things, that i will be instituting a Flickr Friday around here. first up is Hanne Johansen, because this photo absolutely stole my heart. she is a student and animal lover who lives in Oslo, and you can find more photos at her flickr…


Ren Rox

i thought it was great timing to show you the work of Ren Rox since Flickr has just been given a design update (and everyone gets 1 terabyte free storage, which is pretty cool). so now you can browse her work with lovely big pictures and endless scrolling – the way…


Great Moments

great moments – on the open road, in a pool, enjoying the view, early mornings, new places, with your family, with your best friend, with your best people, learning something new, doing something exciting, seeing something beautiful, hanging with your cat, hanging with yourself. all images are by their respective owners. click on the…

Animal Love

i’m going to revive the photo bomb series because my flickr favourites are so vast, but i’ve decided to share new, old and favourite photographers theme by theme because otherwise all you get is a disconnected bunch of photos and this isn’t tumblr, folks. if you want to explore past…

Stuff Lately

edit & update: i have changed my image hosting to Amazon S3, which is working out great so far. i decided to put my whining about Flickr to rest, after hearing many compelling arguments for the privacy / pinterest issue from Flickr users and bloggers alike. here are some of…