Marsi van de Heuvel: Ceremony

you’ll undoubtedly remember south african artist Marsi van de Heuvel from her outer space themed exhibition Dark Matter from a couple of years back (if not, be sure to check that post out). Marsi has moved on to something far more earthly, botanical even, with her new exhibition Ceremony. now before…

OVERGROWTH by photographer Parker Fitzgerald and floral designer Riley Messina


you might be one of the 52k people who follow photographer Parker Fitzgerald on Instagram, or you may know his work from extensive collaborations with big names like Kinfolk or perhaps you first discovered him when i featured his work way back in 2010 (mega blog flashback!). over the course of two years Fitzgerald…


Zemer Peled

remember when you were a kid at the beach, and you wandered around the rock pools searching for treasure – and then you found a sea anemone… and you wanted to, needed to, stick your finger in it? you didn’t know what’s going to happen! but you, like, really really needed to find out. that’s the first…

Château de Beauvoir

Château de Beauvoir

so there i was going down a google image rabbit hole and i found pictures of this beautiful château filled with flowers, and paintings of flowers, which lead me to French artist Claire Basler – and here we are. she lives and paints in her home Château de Beauvoir, “a natural choice”…

Flowerwork by Sarah Illenberger


Sarah Illenberger is the phenomenal German artist renowned for her legendary craftwork – you will recognise much of her work, including that much loved Meloncholy image that formed part of her Tutti Frutti series.

Michael Harnish

Michael Harnish

i discovered artist Michael Harnish through the IG feed of floral designer Yasmine Mei. thank you Yasmine, thank you Instagram, thank you Michael, thank you flowers, thank you art. thank you.

Atomic Occasions by Jessica Tremp

Atomic Occasions

here’s a whole lot of beauty to start off your day. this is a series called Atomic Occasions by photographer Jessica Tremp. she has a number of dark & magical series available to view at her portfolio. her travel photography is also bananas.

Plante // Miss Moss


Plante is a NYC based label by sisters Leah and Rebecca Plante. they launched the brand last year with their Spring 2014 collection, which features beautiful pieces like geometric style dresses, plain shorts & camis and some seriously rad overalls. Plante draws on nature’s wildness, glamour, and beauty—blankets of kudzu flanking…


The smell of Jasmine

been noticing flowers everywhere lately, especially with the wedding around the corner. all i can think about are arrangements and what’s in season and blooms blooms blooms. i’ve started buying flowers whenever i’m in the supermarket, something i’ve never done before. perhaps it’s also because i know that spring is…


Daughters by Floral Magic

i got an email over the weekend from Franz, a photographer based in Singapore whose site lilreddotfolks features inspiring people in Singapore & their personal spaces. i really love the feature on Lucy Siah and Josephine Lau who run mother & daughter floral studio Daughters by Floral Magic. be sure to keep your eye on lilreddotfolks as they will hopefully…



Artsy is fast becoming one of my favourite daily internet check-ins. i’ve discovered so many artists that i probably would never have known about otherwise thanks to it. besides the clean & beautiful design, i’m also quite taken by the fact that you can log in and favourite pieces as…


The Flowers

it is now just over 2 months till our wedding. 11 weeks to be exact. i have been thinking about it a lot this month, mostly because there are admin things that have to be sorted out – stuff i haven’t had to give any thought to because they weren’t…


12 Flowers

chieko ueno aka chi-ko is a “freestyle florist” who makes these rad floral calenders depending on the floral season / mood for that month. they certainly put a spring in my step… follow her blog for more floral adventures.

Rosy Disposition

just an idea i’m playing around with. image credits from top to bottom: stockholm street style + pierre auguste renoir – roses from wargemont / lachsbroetchen + konstantin korovin – roses in blue jugs / vanillascented + henri fantin latour – roses / the sartorialist + konstantin korovin – roses

Bread & Wine & Exotic plants

i went to bread & wine this past weekend, the beautiful restaurant at moreson wine farm in franschhoek. this place is heaven for me –  99% due to their homemade charcuterie. i am a sucker for some cured meat. but i’m not going to talk about the delicious mozzarella & tomato…