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  • never too many stripes


    last week i posted this photo on Instagram without even thinking twice, which resulted in an unprecedented number of comments of women left and right chiming in that they, too, had this particular problem.…

  • Art

    parisian pin-ups

    Jean-Gabriel Domergue (1889—1962) was a French painter specialising in portraits of Parisian women…

  • Fashion

    bérangère claire

    “Bérangère Claire presents each season a new collection of classics and basics with refined details … all garments that are easy to wear everyday, but more than a fashion, a style, simple…

  • Fashion


    parisienne is a the latest perfume by YSL, and they have enlisted some well known stylish people (joanna goddard amongst them) to blog for them: YSL is sending five renowned bloggers on…

  • Art

    wayne pate

    if i ever have a lovely little beach house to decorate, these prints would slipstream right in there…

  • Fashion, Film

    mélanie laurent

    mélanie laurent is a parisian born french actress - as i suspected, chic all the way…

  • Film

    perhaps pierre? monique?

    sometimes i get really amusing search engine terms, but the BEST one i've had so far is, "perhaps pierre? monique?"…

  • Film

    groundhog day

    one of my favourite parts of groundhog day…

  • Art

    Jean-Pierre Gibrat

    i love these ultra french girls by parisian born comic artist Jean-Pierre Gibrat…

  • romy-schneider-01

    romy schneider

    romy schneider was a german actress, born 23 september (my birthday!) 1938. died in paris at the age of 43. sort of daria werbowy-ish, but less alien.…