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  • Photography

    Film Is Awesome Sauce

    i’ve been holding out on posting about my friend Debra‘s photography blog Film Is Awesome Sauce (nice parks & rec reference, deb) because i’ve been waiting for her posts to get to…

  • invite

    wedding invitation

    i designed a simple wedding invite for a close friend who is getting hitched later this year. the end product is actually different colours (plum and navy blue to match her wedding…

  • paris picnic

    le picnique

    picnics might usually be associated with spring & summer, but autumn in the winelands (and south africa in general) is pretty much perfect outdoor weather in my mind. you can sit in…

  • Vintage

    the cat’s pajamas

    jessica of the cat’s pajamas found these vintage photos in a basket in an antique store My favorite thing to collect is probably old photographs just because I love making up stories…

  • Photography

    sleeping bags

    these pictures really made me smile. source (come please winter, february is killing me!)…

  • beer!

    bop & jive

    the best thing about looking at old photos of your parents is realising that most everyone is the same when they're young (beer! braai! party hats! dancing! fun!)…

  • Art, Design

    tee vee

    minimalist posters of popular tv shows, by exergian…

  • Photography

    annie racz

    her photos look like could plucked straight from lula, frankie or some other dreamy mag.…