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    celebrate good times

    i hope you had a nice weekend, mine basically went something like this: with lots and lots of food (and gin) image source…

  • Photography

    sleeping bags

    these pictures really made me smile. source (come please winter, february is killing me!)…

  • beer!

    bop & jive

    the best thing about looking at old photos of your parents is realising that most everyone is the same when they're young (beer! braai! party hats! dancing! fun!)…

  • Photography

    dreams of flying

    Crossing the desert on the back of a dog or searching for lost treasures on the bottom of the ocean, Jan von Holleben’s photographs make nostalgic dreams come true.…

  • esquire
    Design, Vintage

    vintage esquire

    wouldn’t it be cool if they still did covers like this, instead of just plonking a celeb on the cover? i understand that’s what you need to sell a magazine these days…