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  • 29 butter your popcorn

    Butter Your Popcorn

    i have a special treat for you. truth is it’s a special treat for me too. i have been nagging my boyfriend to make an extra special funk music mix for the…

  • Music

    bowie, golden years

    this has pretty much been my theme song lately. i have listened to it every single day… sometimes on repeat. man! what i would give to be in that crowd, funking it…

  • 8 boogie


    GUYS. it’s the first of november! the beginning of the end of the year (almost). it’s also that weird and wonderful month when men grow moustaches (some shouldn’t, harrison ford for example.)…

  • 9000

    dance dance dance

    from 9000’s flickr. a collection of some pretty great stuff, highly recommended.…