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    dream desk

    dream desk, absolute flippen dream desk: a 1920s french drafting table… these aren’t bad either……

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    thaya keeps reminding me of the amazing stuff at vamp. flip. luckily i don’t live in cape town, only because if i did i’d probably be swinging past their shop all the time and…

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    corvo chair

    i will not hesitate to say that the corvo might be my dream chair. i can see several of these babies around a dinner table or at a desk or just sitting in the…

  • couch

    dream couch

    i would sleep / lie / roll around on it all day – that is all.…

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    overheard in new york

    Older woman, examining furniture on sidewalk: “Look at this! This is a nice art deco bureau.” Older man: “Well, Elaine, this is not a nice art deco world!” do you read overheard…

  • deskhouse
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    desk house

    forget the kids, i want one of these bad boys via swiss miss & design milk…

  • table-1


    i’m kind of obsessing with tables these days.…