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  • Art Scrub

    Art Scrub

    don’t know what it is about Art Scrub, but i spent an inordinate length of time looking through these images of art museums that contain no art (sometimes that infinite scroll on tumblr just sucks you in, ya know?) they…

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    Art Appreciation

    i have been wanting to do this post for years (not an exaggeration!). every time i came across one of these pictures of people appreciating art, as it were, i would bookmark…

  • Photography


    loving marie edwards‘ film photos from flagstaff, arizona.…

  • Photography


    "The hills and veld that Daniel Naudé invites us to traverse are filled with wonderful creatures, each more proud, perfect, and present than the next"…

  • Photography

    annie racz

    her photos look like could plucked straight from lula, frankie or some other dreamy mag.…

  • Photography


    box of cobra’s set of polaroids at flickr…

  • Photography


    carl w. heindl photos of nevada at flickr…

  • Art

    broken things

    livia marin, broken things – read more about the project at it’s nice that.…