Jewels by Joanne Burke

i feel like if Cleopatra had a personal jeweler Joanne Burke would have been her go-to gal. i mean of course i am imagining Liz Taylor as Cleopatra here, but the analogy stands. her pieces are hand sculpted in cast in bronze or gold. see more at her Instagram.

10 Awesomely Awesome Things

10 awesomely awesome things, title inspired by the rad art up in (1) Kate’s home, featured by Warby Parker. (2) this girl all bundled up. (3) this wedding photographed by Modern Hearts. (4) this crown ring by Dean Davidson. (5) these salt & pepper shakers by Pigeon Toe Ceramics. (6) this…

gold makes everything better

i’ve been saving this idea in the back of my internet memory bank for a while now, meaning to find a suitable bowl or pot that i can use it on, but in the meantime – you should do it too! instructions at (and courtesy of) happy mundane