inspired by… william morris – willow – 1874

i really need to get into some nature this weekend.

images: fern ; leaf ; cactus ; palm ; succulent ; dandelion

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honda ev-n concept car

the cutest gosh darn little noddy car i have ever seen

edit: i emailed this to someone and they replied with….


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namibia, after the rains

a friend of a friend took these photos in namibia, after they had heavy rainfall sometime at the beginning of this year. the colours are pretty much out of this world.

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i want to go even more now. from photographer bob o’connor

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my mom took this photo. she won a prize for it, too. she’s also one of those cool moms who has her own flickr account (better than mine!). she rocks. she doesn’t use photoshop at all (in fact, don’t think she knows how to use photoshop) – these are all straight out of camera shots. she only took up photography a few years back, and is super modest about her photos to boot.

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