Danner x Beckel

Danner is a shoemaker based in Portland, Oregon that has been making outdoor boots since 1932. Beckel, also based in Portland, is known for its signature canvas tents and bags which it has been making since 1964. and these two companies actually have a shared history, as current president Kathy Beckel’s father was friends and neighbours with Bill Danner. now, they have collaborated to make the Danner Light Beckel – a boot that’s rooted in Northwest tradition and rugged durability… and looks damn cool, too.

Built entirely in our Portland, Ore. factory, each pair is handcrafted with our stitchdown construction, premium full-grain leather and legendary Beckel canvas quarter panels. Beckel has been using the same 10 oz. duck canvas since 1964 to make lightweight, durable tents and bags. Tightly woven for increased water-resistance and strength, Beckel canvas is the perfect compliment to our premium leather.

they’re bringing out a ladies version too, so keep an eye out for those in May (though personally i would happily wear those green ones). you can buy the men’s versions here.

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Swedish born Andrea Westerlind started NY-based showroom, and newly launched online shop, Westerlind with the intention to revolutionize the outdoor marketplace by offering functional, utilitarian clothing and accessories that are also beautiful and fashion-forward. herself a lover of hiking and the outdoors (and fashion!) Andrea often references the Swedish saying, “there is no bad weather, only bad clothes.”

Dedicated to bridging the gap between the Outdoor and Fashion markets, Westerlind focuses on forward-thinking design, craft process, functionality and style. Adventure and creativity are at the root of Westerlind’s concept – expressed through a thoughtful offering and a left-of-center attitude. It’s all about thriving in the frenetic life in the city and balancing this with simplicity and beauty of the outdoors.



Northern Sun

Jennilee Marigomen just shot the lookbook for Canadian outerwear brand Northern Sun. the company was established in the seventies, and quickly became synonymous with finely crafted, Canadian-made jackets and parkas that stand up to the demands of an unforgiving climate. they have had a see the entire lookbook here.

Like the Arctic sun after which it is named, Northern Sun has returned from a brief winter’s hibernation. The newly risen Northern Sun carries the same commitment to quality craftsmanship and timeless style that defined the brand from its conception. A partnership between Canada and Switzerland, Northern Sun manufactures everyday goods that are equally inspired by life in the city and experiences in the outdoors.

Photography: Jennilee Marigomen. Styling: Redia Soltis. Makeup: Jennifer Latour. Models: Chelsea and Wes.


sort of like a dream? no, better.

FLIP! i just had to show you this. yosemite national park, 1996, taken by frank caico

the perfect accompaniment to this image would be this song:

air france – collapsing at your doorstep