Nell Dorr: Mother & Child, featuring Tasha Tudor

Tasha Tudor

this post began when i came across images of Tasha Tudor, a children’s book illustrator whose nostalgic throwback lifestyle (she lived in a replica of a late 18th-century New England farmhouse) included spinning flax into linen to make her own clothes, milking goats and sleeping in a featherbed “with her nose pointing north”. according to her…

oupa being shot at


i decided to start scanning in all our old family photographs, here’s some of the pretty radical images my parents have in their archives.

alfred e. neuman

what, me worry?

alfred e. neuman, before being picked up by MAD – some interesting history there. “Nineteenth-century publications […] depicted the typical Irish immigrant as a bomb-throwing cretin barely distinguishable from the adult ape …. Versions of the face were used as medical pictures of people with deficiency diseases or hormone imbalances;…