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    In which I gush about Anjelica

    the first time i saw Anjelica Huston in a film was when she played Morticia in Addams Family. i was probably around 9 or 10 years old and just fell completely in…

  • Vintage

    nineteen eighty

    i fell in love this weekend… with a tumblr. look, vintage tumblrs are a dime a dozen – and i don’t have the patience to follow any of the ones i’ve come…

  • Vintage

    vintage barbra

    i'm going to come right out and say it, there was a time when i listened to barbra streisand's rendition of memory so many times i think my…

  • Vintage


    i know i know i know, marilyn monroe? i mean – could i be any more obvious? (imagine that said in a chandler voice) … but it’s hard to fathom how many…

  • Vintage

    cannes, 1962

    if you peruse celeb blogs you might have noticed that the cannes film festival was on and ended a couple of days ago (see my favourite fashion picks if you like). these are photos…

  • Vintage


    ann-margret – right up there with sophia loren in the top tier of old hollywood babes.…

  • the-end
    Film, Stuff

    the end

    the end is a great flickr set, by dill pixels…

  • caine

    michael caine is a cool cad

    i watched yes man a couple of days ago and the highly amusing new zealand actor rhys darby (of flight of the conchords) reminded me so much of michael caine, i think…