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    Fantastic Frank

    if you’re like me you probably like settling down with a cup of coffee and the weekend newspaper on a sunday morning and flip straight to the property section where you play…

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    must be heaven

    i’m going to have to set aside some time to browse through UGArdener‘s almost 8000 photos on flickr, because they are literally what i imagine heaven to be like – beautiful houses,…

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    i grew up in a white walls household – it just went with my parent’s ‘modernist’ house and that was that. i still get nervous about putting colour on the walls, though…

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    i’d like to introduce you to gertha – she’s one of my favourite houses in stellenbosch. all weird angles & low walls, just like the day she was first built. there are…

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    hobbit bunker

    an underground home in the swiss village of vals, set amidst a cluster of mountain houses…