hobbit bunker

The home features an enormous patio with an elliptical opening designed to accentuate the view. The old-looking barn in the distance even features an underground tunnel that serves as an entrance into the home.

via gizmodo

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steven holl architects

some amazing projects, large & small.

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flick flack

just some pics i’ve found + fav’d over at flickr recently

ben pearce



nich hance



laser bread

mademoiselle molly fryxell



stomach aches

serena photography

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amy bennett

Working with common themes such as transition, aging, isolation, and loss, I am interested in the fragility of relationships and the awkwardness of a group of people trying to coexist and relate to one another. To that end I create miniature 3D models to serve as evolving still lifes from which I paint detailed narrative paintings.

guys, ¬†she builds the models… and then she paints them. wow wow. visit amy bennett’s website.

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