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  • Photography

    icy goodness

    just in case you felt the need to look at a bunch of beautiful ice pools, like i did. … which indirectly made me think of this douglas adams quote “… imagine a…

  • Photography

    gunnar konráðsson

    i’m sure everyone still thinks volcano if there’s any mention of iceland, but i just want to go there. after looking at gunnar konráðsson‘s photography that feeling is a bit more desperate.…

  • Photography


    how sweet is this little icelandic church? yet another reason to go visit far far north. pic by björn valdimarsson…

  • Photography

    peter baker

    i agonized for about 5 seconds over whether i had posted about peter baker before (i'm pretty sure i haven't, but my tagging can be sporadic). even if…

  • iceland


    i want to go even more now. from photographer bob o’connor…