Stanislava Pinchuk aka Miso is a Ukrainian born artist based in Melbourne whose prolific body of work includes paper art, illustration and tattooing (amongst others). i’m one of those people who has never considered a tattoo (i suppose if i were to get one i would have one by now, you know?) but her delicate, simple & imperfect home-made tattoos are so beautiful to me. she even published a guide to home-made tattooing. other notable works include commissions for Chanel and a paper-cut series called Tokyo From Memory.

Miso began making work firstly as a street artist, but has since come to work mainly as an exhibiting artist, working with paper and installation. Her practice also spans illustration, tattooing, photography, textile & graphic design. Her works are often ephemeral, and play with ideas of place & memory, particularly of cities – a left over from a long time making street works to decay. *

you can see all of Miso’s work at her website & tumblr.

Miso Miso Miso Miso Miso Miso Miso Miso Miso Miso Miso Miso Miso Miso Miso Miso Miso Miso Miso Miso Miso


Eleanor Taylor

i discovered the wonderful work of Brighton based illustrator Eleanor Taylor while catching up with all the goodness over at Design Work Life. the first image of Hawaiian queen Ka’ahumanu really captured my imagination, a piece that Eleanor was commissioned to do for Julia Rothman’s upcoming book The Who, The What and The When: 65 Artists Illustrate the Secret Accomplices of History.

I illustrated Queen Ka’ahumanu, the favourite wife of King Kamehameha I and the most powerful woman of her time in Hawaii.  Upon her husband’s death she donned a feather cape and called herself Queen Regent.  When the missionaries came in 1820 she ended up destroying all the ancient gods and temples leading to the ultimate downfall in a kingdom she helped create.

Eleanor Taylor // Miss Moss Eleanor Taylor // Miss Moss Eleanor Taylor // Miss Moss Eleanor Taylor // Miss Moss Eleanor Taylor // Miss Moss Eleanor Taylor // Miss Moss Eleanor Taylor // Miss Moss Eleanor Taylor // Miss Moss Eleanor Taylor // Miss Moss


Ben Phe

i looooooooooove the work of illustrator Benjamin Evenett aka ben phe. he has done some wonderful reworks of classics pieces by Manet, Renoir, Bonnard, Lautrec & Matisse… i just really dig his style, his imagery puts a smile on my face. be sure to check out his website and his tumblr for more.

Ben Phe / Manet Ben Phe / Renoir Ben Phe / Matisse Ben Phe Ben Phe / Lautrec Ben Phe / Bonnard Ben Phe Ben Phe / Three Graces Ben Phe Ben Phe Ben Phe Ben Phe



i’ve been doing some gift guides (i hope they have been helpful?) but my favourite gift to give has always been a print or framed artwork of some kind. when i was a poor student this was always my solution for cash-strapped gift-giving. find a beautiful print (beg, borrow, steal, copy) pop it into an inexpensive frame and you usually have a very happy gift-receiver on the other end. but you don’t have to go to the same desperate extremes as i did – just buy a nice print. here are some i like.

Mr & Mrs print by Black and Type Shop:

Prints // Miss Moss

HEY Posters by Kyuhyung Cho:

Prints // Miss Moss

 Fox Trot by Alicia Makes:

Prints // Miss Moss

Gelataology Prints by Studio Fludd:

Prints // Miss Moss

Black Bouquet prints by Tad Carpenter:

Prints // Miss Moss

Metallic Prints by Yield Design Co:

Prints // Miss Moss

Let It Go print by Ricardo Garcia:

Prints // Miss Moss

Prints by Hysj:

Prints // Miss Moss

Prints by Anna Dorfman:

Prints // Miss Moss

Phases of the Moon print by The Adventures of:

Prints // Miss Moss

Network print by bastisRIKE:

Prints // Miss Moss

A Black Cat by Hello Jenuine:

Prints // Miss Moss

Prints by Anne Ulku:

Prints // Miss Moss

A Teapot’s Dream by Oana Befort:

Prints // Miss Moss

Prints by Christopher Dina:

Prints // Miss Moss

My Food is all Natural by Retro Whale:

Prints // Miss Moss



as cheesy as it may sound, one of the highlights of my childhood was coming downstairs on Christmas morning and seeing all the colourful presents under the tree. i was under no illusion that Father Christmas had put it there, i knew it was my mom. but it was special nonetheless! now-a-days i find the wrapping almost as exciting as what’s inside, and i always appreciate special wrapping paper or when someone has really gone to the effort of making the package look beautiful.

UK based Wrap Magazine has a winter collection of wrapping paper & gift cards created by illustrators such as Charlotte TrounceHanna Konola, Harriet Seed and Nicholas John Frith amongst others. the rest of their wrapping paper is rad enough to pass as holiday wrapping as well, i think. enough with all the red white and green, let’s change things up!

Wrap Wrap Wrap Wrap Wrap Wrap Wrap Wrap Wrap Wrap



last year i did a post on 2013 calendars and, well, the time has come. 2014 to be exact… so here are 14 calendars for 2014.

there are only 5 Mondays left and then it’s Christmas!!


Snug Studio:


minerals by Lindsay Jones:

Linda & Harriett:

Scandinavian florals by The House that Lars Built:

12-Month Desert Shapes by Leah Duncan:

Silhouettes by 1 Canoe 2:


a cat’s life by Gemma Correll:

robins by the paper bird society:


Helvetica by Yumalum:

colour composition by Moglea:

Cute Animals by Loopz: