superheroes placed in political & wartime scenes by Agan Harahap (though i’m not sure if vader qualifies as a superhero)

it’s actually pretty funny to see superman standing amongst the allied soldiers (in that scene, neuschwanstein castle in bavaria). there is a book called the monuments men which i have been meaning to pick up, which tells the story of the group of curators, archivists, artists & art historians who set out to find all the art and other treasures that the nazis had looted and hidden across europe during WWII. check out their official website, it’s super interesting.


wonderful work by japanese graphic artist kmr.img

masters of the hipster universe

he man

masters of the universe characters… as hipsters. by adrian riemann

matte stephens


brainiac the art of matte stephens at etsy

the animals

the animals

the animals by nacho gil via design work life

reilly stroop


really enjoying these illustrations by reilly stroop

Z + Y

Jaco Haasbroek

ooooooh i’m hoping for the entire alphabet! go haasbroek go go go.