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Mid Week Distraction No. 6


jees guys i’ve gotta tell you, Mid Week Distraction has pushed my internet combing to another level. i have a whole new respect for people who work for BuzzFeed and other mega online publications – where do they find the TIME to compile so many juicy lists? i mean, obviously they get paid for it (here’s hoping) […]


Mid Week Distraction No.4


guys. this feels weird to admit, but, i’ve been listening to 1989 a LOT. this coming from someone who never really knew what Taylor Swift was all about until this year – when i started seeing her pop up all over MY internets. of course she has been a mega star forever, but she never infiltrated my […]


Mid Week Distraction No.3


QUESTION * how do you guys consume your online content these days? i’m still a faithful RSS subscriber, even after Google Reader crashed and burned into the internet blackhole last year (i’ve been using Feedly ever since). i was having this conversation with a friend last night, who visits individual sites in his bookmarks – […]


These Things No.51


these things no.51! i don’t have anything interesting to say today… i’m tired. i’m going to have a bath. i might read in there. it’s raining outside. i might try my hand at making some vegetable soup. any recipes you care to share? have a good weekend! the BFF themed lookbook for Robber features actual […]


These Things No.42

my eyes just did one of those cartoon character bulges out of my face when i saw that the last these things i did was 1 month ago to the day. what. is. happening. to. time?! i was under the mistaken impression that i do one every week, and i should! be prepared to see more […]


These Things No.40


i actually started writing this post a few days ago when i was in the grips of a nasty bout of flu, which is spreading through cape town like wildfire at the moment, but i simply could not muster enough energy to get even half way through it. consequently i spent about a week in […]


Bits of Black


deborah’s instagram feed is a delight: diane keaton in looking for mr. goodbar (you can buy that first picture) boy by band of outsiders: a lovely lady on the streets of paris snapped by the sartorialist: toky0milk handcreme: the photography of Hengki Koentjoro: yeah no yeah alphabet posters: the angels of the hell’s angels: drawstring purse […]


Shades of Gold

left: street style by vanessa jackman / right: button clips by studio swine left: bronze bowl by alma allen / right: square pyrite necklace by myrrh jewellery left: rabbit chair by sanaa / right: leather shopper by cos left: mi & mall identity design by atipo / right: caroline gomez left: via skona hem / right: tee by […]