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  • Ouur Collection // AW14


    if you’re a Kinfolk follower then you might already know about their new venture that was announced yesterday – Ouur. Kinfolk founder Nathan Williams was kind enough to send me some information on their new…

  • 001

    South2 West8

    thanks to Tomboy Style for introducing me to South2 West8, a Japanese line of classic outdoor sportswear and accessories. their bags are, interestingly enough, produced in the USA – and take influence from…

  • Fashion


    while i work on the next holiday gift guide i thought i’d show you this cool Japanese (of course) retailer Ambidex that stocks a multitude of amazing Japanese made brands that i…

  • Art

    kamisaka sekka

    it’s times like these when i wish i had millions in the bank so that i could collect art like a serious person. kamisaka sekka was a japanese artist who combined facets of…

  • Art


    wonderful work by japanese graphic artist kmr.img…

  • black-jackets

    Bumper Fashion Special No. 12

    bumper fashion special #12! i have to tell you, you’re in for a treat today. went a bit overboard with the bumper fashion special, as i discovered this Japanese site called Eruca.…